Cool…Smooth…Chill. 5 tracks for your complete leisure, relief & enjoyment. Best enjoyed on weekend evenings.

Kairiko – England

(nu jazz)

A smooth nu jazz treat inspired by the great Mike Leigh’s cult film “Naked” with lovely tuba & sax by Irish outfit Kairiko…

DUGLO – Another Snow Blue


An 8+ minute downtempo experience with a gentle melancholic veil,  “inspired by a snowy day in the middle of a bleak winter”.

Lunaz Chill – Stroke

(psychill, chillwave)

A spotless psychill/chillwave blend by German producer Lunaz Chill with divine melody and trippy vibes…

Damien Sebe – campfire

(chill-hop, lofi)

Damien Sebe created this gem  thinking of going camping, but this lofi, chill-hop is more than ideal soundtrack for the cold, winter nights, by the fireplace!

Diane Arkenstone & David Arkenstone – Snows of Avalon

(modern classical, ambient)

Diane Arkenstone’s & David Arkenstone’s  ‘Snows of Avalon’ is reminiscent to the sweetest fairytale… A fine mix of modern classical, ambient and ethereal to dream to!

Christos Doukakis