Earlier in fall 2016, Christine Plays Viola released ‘Spooky Obsessions‘ LP via Manic Depression Records, the follow up of ‘The Stars Can’t Frighten‘ single, that impressed the genre and the new/dark wave fans. The same has happened on each release so far, I can recall ‘Leocadia‘ (2013) and ‘Vacua‘ (2014) that included wonderful songs such as the title song ‘Leocadia‘ and ‘Wrapped Ιn Spiral‘ or even ‘In Silence Withdrawn‘.

And now,  their latest releases, ‘Ossessione‘, ‘Nefarious‘ and ‘Poles Apart‘ are making a good impact on the fans, the ‘Wavers’. CPV are an excellent example of how a new band can refresh the heritage and push it one step beyond. Successfully using all their ”tools” they manage to make good and original music, performed in a high quality level, out of the band’s talent that can shape and arrange musings including post-punk and darkwave in a misty Gothic “delusion”. Batcave style in ‘Ossessione‘, the opening track on a fast and “weird” tempo helooo (!!!) and welcome on board! Same style in ‘Midnight Trauma‘ comprising spooky vocals “….outside there is no ocean…” combined with the keyboards’ melody that nail the non-secular stigma; unique song. ‘Behind A Wicked Mind‘ is the typical mid-tempo “nightmare” of the LP, based on the bassline (the darkwave bass style) flourished with a spiky guitar craft, good! ‘Nefarious‘…now this is the song that includes all CPV’s essence, synths, guitars, drums and bass all in the front, a very strong song in an excellent arrangement to dance to, on the peak of the Gothic style in vocals, that all spin me like crazy (where’s my pen?LOL), good stuff! Next ‘Poles Apart‘ comes as a tranquilizer…a placid, almost still melodic new waver, old school style that many of you will find comfort in as I did, very good one in deed. ‘Murderous Dementia‘….hey, do I hear some death rock here?! This is a rattlesnake man, nice! ‘Unneeded Burial‘, darkwave! All of the genre’s heritage is put in that epic song, all elements and poisons we adore in that specific style, are here. It is groovy but pale and melodic, and a piano melody here is a reminder of the past and dusty periods, that CPV blew a little poison to unveil the beloved dark, amazing! ‘N.D.E. (Life Beyond Life)‘ is a cozy post-punk exercise with a pretty clever and avant-garde bass in it, and a shoegazing guitar after the middle; cute! Post-Punk bullet, fast, groovy, with the snare in the face in ‘Slow Sinking In Gloom‘, many of you will love it! ‘The Last Sacrifice‘ closes the LP, in the best way. A down-tempo new wave melodic song in a sense of drop-curtain, and that was it until the next curtain for CPV.

A release filled with melodies with the expected long sound effects, and a certain groove when needed, with five people that hold a master in their “studies”, obviously great fans to this kind of music that they offer, and gaining their own trademark sound. CPV are among the most talented and honest bands in the genre, you’ll never get bored or never skip a song and this is their best success, a very good LP indeed!

Mike Dimitriou