Space is an infinite stage befitting of sonic exploration. Above our vast sky, colours & planets appear as galaxies dance across the horizon. Nightfall’s unique atmosphere is essential to Dream Ending; the dawn of consciousness is the edge of fantasy. In deep sleep, memories remain a secret to outsiders – but through dreaming we welcome strangers & ghosts into our private journeys.’


Dream Ending is a producer working from a recording studio in London, born after the spontaneous purchase of a reel-to-reel tape recorder & extensive after-hours sonic exploration. The vintage recorder arrived with the previous owner’s collection of 1/4 inch tapes, containing random and often bizarre sounds. Among the language lessons & elevator music, one tape held an unknown narrator’s ‘dream diary’.

Taking inspiration from these found dreams, and the recurring themes of space & memory, Dream Ending was written & recorded in the twilight hours during studio downtime. Blending analog synthesizers & tape machines, Dream Ending is an atmospheric world in which to become lost, forget you’re awake, and remember someone else’s dreams as your own.