Before the Terminal Annihilation, the world was already full of chaos. Before the Hell Machines from the Underworld went up and began a large-scale invasion, the world was on the verge. For many years, mankind, without their own knowledge, destroyed this world. The unbridled progress ruined the flora, total dictatorship brought the world economy down, and nuclear war burned out the sky, and people never saw the sunlight again.

But what can humankind do the best? Adapt. Modern technologies have returned a relative order, and the largest technology corporations, which previously practically destroyed the world, are now engaged in its restoration. Huge megacities were restored, in which people could again come to civilization. All those who disagree with the New World Order must be destroyed for the sake of the safeness of the New World. For these purposes cyborg were created.

So is it the new beginning or it’s just a prolonged Extermination?


Music and story created by CYBERTHING! 
Artwork by Nero K. Nightshroud
Thanks to Misanthropix & Moonraccoon for taking their parts in the album production