Auswahlt is the martial industrial, solo project of Sven Mann, one half of Liyr. How can he combine over-productivity with quality? What should we expect from his forthcoming live appearance at ETOR Fest? In the following lines, we think you should find answers to those questions, among other interesting topics…   

Could you share some information about your Auswalht project for the last Day Deaf readers?

I started Auswalht in 2010. After I had released the first album of my other project LIYR, I wanted a sound more martial like early Laibach or first Mynox Layh. It was important for me to explore this form of music. It’s another part of me.

Your 4th album ‘Dura Lex, Sed Lex‘ was released a few months ago through Rage in Eden label. Are you satisfied with the reception and reviews of it? What’s this thing with the title of the album?

Yes, I’m very satisfied by my label. They have done a very good job as ever. We are looking forward to reviews because it’s a very special music style. Up to now, I have received some good feedback. ‘Dura Lex, Sed Lexis a maxim; a command given in such a tone that gives you no choice but to yield and execute. That defines the album well.

Could you please share with us the recording procedure of your most recent album? Is it a spontaneous one?

Not really. I listen to a lot of classical music for samples, then I choose the best and I start composing using several kinds of software. I spend a lot of time on each track.

Your over-productivity does not seem to affect the quality of your recordings. How on earth do you manage to combine these two characteristics?

I love what I do; probably this is the secret!

Apart from Auswalht you are also involved in Liyr (with your wife Alexandra Nordrac) and Aesterii. What is so unique about this project that you cannot express with the aforementioned?

Each project is a part of me; I’m very complicated, multifaceted. Auswalht is the most violent part of me and Aesterii the quieter. Liyr is a mix of me and Alexandra.

What’s your opinion about the prohibition of burka in France?

I always thought that women should be free to live as they want. The way I see it, the burka is a prison, but everyone is free to live as they wish.

What should the audience expect from your live appearance in ETOR Fest? Any hints about this?

Well, I hope people will like my show!

What are your future plans regarding Auswahlt? Maybe another album with Rage in Eden Records ?

I hope so, I trust my label and my label trusts me.

Christos Doukakis