Jason Finch aka 666ixo.wav is an Elmira, New York based producer whose third album ‘Underground 2K3’ was released last year. Finch’s full length is filled with sonically lulling trap tracks that delve into the lofi hip hop arena, perfect for a relaxing listen but also experimental enough to hold your attention. It signifies a slightly smoother and more streamlined sounding shift for 666ixo.wav compared to previous releases such as 2022’s ‘200666’ and ‘Rich As Fuck’.

First track off the LP ‘6ix6ix6ix’ is a fuzzy and consistent intro, that’s reminiscent of horror soundtracks and amps up the mystery of what’s to come. ‘Trunk Music’ is measured and precise, with occasional change-ups as a refreshing bonus. Whereas ‘Stars and Straps’ begs to be used as a backing beat for a hip-hop artist due to the repetitive nature married with a cool confidence. ‘Chili P’ features a sampling of heated and quite frankly metal piece of dialogue between Bryan Cranston’s infamous character Walter White and Aaron Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman on ‘Breaking Bad’. The quotation from halfway through the third season of the show marks an adjustment in pace, the build of the beats gathering air and establishing a somewhat more aerial depth, not only in ‘Chili P’ but for the rest of the album. ‘Ice Cream’ is quietly thunderous and much of ‘Underground 2K3’ is 666ixo.wav balancing as well as fusing oppositional energies, creating tracks that are surprisingly not unsettling despite the clash in energies. Aside from the epic song title, ‘Red Monkeys Sagging On Me’ moves the similar zeitgeist of ‘Underground 2K3’ forward, fluidly and undaunted. Make sure to compare with final track ‘Red Monkeys Sagging On Me’ the ‘Leaned’ version. ‘Pentagram Rimz’, depending on how you’re listening to the LP, will make you glance up from your reverie, as it’s a gentle and rhythmic spookiness differing from the previous 8 tracks.

Underground 2K3’ is altogether a solid listen for trap and lofi hip-hop enthusiasts, especially as background to studying or going through your daily grind. Be sure to check out 666ixo.wav’s most recent release ‘6IXXXTAPE’ as well.

Sarah Medeiros