Portuguese psychedelic band based out of Porto, 10 000 Russos, is formed of João Pimenta (drums/vocals), Pedro Pestana (guitar), and André Couto (bass). With all of the kick of a spicy first album, their second album only grows on this, adding to the darkness and the punching distorted guitars. That album, ‘Distress Distress’, is out now via Fuzz Club Records and you can find them live at 2017’s SpaceFest! taking place December 1st-2nd in Gdańsk, Poland.

Last Day Deaf provides the questions, João Pimenta the answers….

What’s 10 000 Russos’ origin story? How did you go from Bruce Wayne to Batman?

Basically the name means 10 000 russians in portuguese. Also sounds like Demis Roussos. There is no big story behind the band’s name. Came out from a night of drinks with friends dropping bands names. It was on my cellphone for one year. So its a menacing name but when people make the connection with the Greek singer it makes them laugh.

How has being from Porto directed your musical trajectory?

Porto is quite dark and has some very decadent neighborhoods. For example, my front door neighbors are 3 junkies and I have 3 prostitutes 3 doors ahead. Even if it’s a touristic town there still has a sense of darkness that maybe can apply to our music. Our practice space is also very decadent. A shopping center from the 80s. Abandoned and now reconverted into practice spaces for bands.

Reviewers have made comparisons to bands such as Joy Division, The Fall, Neu!, The Jesus And Mary Chain… Are these artists personal influences of yours? How would you describe your own musical tastes outside of 10 000 Russos?

Every member of the band has its own personality. And their own musical tastes. Different from one another. I like to listen to silence and read for example. That’s a form of music. I cannot speak for other band members but yeah Neu! and The Fall are bands that I like to listen to. And Klaus Dinger is an influence for me yes.

Your album Distress Distress was released past April. What was the reaction to it? Both from fans and people you’re close with?

Amazing. People and in general the press have reacted quite well and we also love the record which is always good and the primal thing to do music. Having another record on your collection.

Tutilitarian is an interesting track, what inspired this one?

The sense of a totalitarianism we are living now in a comfortable, utilitarian society. Like Huxley said, in the future they will control us in the most distracting way.

I honestly love the opening song, Germinal off of Distress Distress’. Which songs of your own do you love? Is there one you can’t stand?

I love them all. There is always an agreement between us of each one loving the songs otherwise we wouldn’t record it.


You’ll be taking part of Poland’s SpaceFest!. What to be expected from a live set with you guys for those who’ve never seen you in person before?

It’s hard to say because myself I have never seen one. Expect a show with no stops that can take people to a trance. Expect a deconstruction of what a rock band should be.

Your first performance in Poland occurred earlier this fall, what’s Poland like gig-wise in comparison to other countries you’ve toured?

We don’t know. We just stayed there one day and 70 per cent was inside our vehicle. But the gig in Warsaw went really well and the audience was quite warm. We enjoyed it quite a lot.

What do you see 2018 bringing for 10,000 Russos?

Making new music and play some more shows to promote this record. Probably record a new album. We may also have a surprise collaboration record but we will speak about that later. And maybe a live record in Dusseldorf. It went really well there and the live recording sounds amazing.

Sarah Medeiros

Photo credits: Betania Liberato (1st one)