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Bone Idle Bros.



Press Notes:

BONE IDLE BROS. Famous to a select few, they have been flying under the radar since 2016 providing their own brew of Americana Roots music from all the way back to right now. This has taken them from the grandest halls (Glasgow’s Panopticon / Grand ol’ Opry) to the tightest spots (no names mentioned) and they’ve never lost anyone yet. They’ve only had the one release (Sometimes / Lately) and that’s sold out but things are primed and stoked for their debut album due out this year. So, throw your coat in the corner, stay awhile and let the BONE IDLE BROS shake your blood a little, mibbe cry a lil beer, get right back in that circle and laugh till they kick us all out…

Mercury Slim

‘Polka Dot Shoes’


Press Notes:

Singer songwriter Mercury Slim spent his youth roaming the scenic state of New Mexico, never living anywhere for longer than a year.

During this time, the voices of melodic misfits like ‪Jim Morrison, ‪Kurt Cobain, and ‪Nina Simone became both his constant companions and confidence boosters to blaze his own trail. He spent the years after high school honing his talent as a drummer in local bands, but a growing passion for songwriting pushed him to branch off and pursue a solo career. After becoming a regular at venues around Sante Fe and Albuquerque, Mercury Slim headed west to try his luck in the City of Angels.

Three years in LA have helped Mercury Slim refine his sound into its current iteration: an uplifting blend of old and new influences that lands somewhere between psychedelic folk and R&B. The self-taught musician draws inspiration from his psycho-spiritual and somewhat chaotic upbringing in the Southwest. Whether singing about love, loss, or disdain for society, his central message is our ability to rise above.

Hannah Connolly

‘Meet You There’


Press Notes:

“Hailing from the song-rich soil of Eau Claire Wisconsin, Connolly’s vocals are both confident and fragile – she could be the third uncredited sister of Sweden’s folk darlings First Aid Kit – or a close confidant to Americana veteran Mindy Smith.

Her debut EP Flying features 5 songs in the classic singer-songwriter tradition.”

Little Misty

‘Old Ghosts’

[progressive folk]

Press Notes:

Little Misty is a progressive folk band from Montreal. The project started from a collaboration between singer Kathryn Samman and guitarist Francois Jalbert. Surrounding themselves with a quintet of some of the finest musicians and friends in town, Little Misty explores the limits of folk music, bluegrass and progressive rock. Their songs explore different topics such as motherhood, travelling and mental illness, always in a short movie approach; every song is meant to bring the listener into a world of its own. Their first record was produced by Joe Grass.



[indie folk pop]

Press Notes:

Firewoodisland is ​Stian Vedøy ​and Abi Eleri. Stian ​grew up on ​Karmøy, a west-coast island in Norway​, and studied music production at University. The name ​Firewoodisland ​is a direct translation of his surname, and although the project started out as a solo-mission, ​Stian met ​Abi in Cardiff where she was studying illustration. The two soon paired up to form the band, where ​Abi took over artwork duties, showcasing her mesmerising illustrations. The duo with band went on to become finalists in Norway’s Bandwagon Battle of the Bands which allowed them to release their debut EP ​ILD​, in 2014, followed by several singles, second EP ​Dome ​in 2016 and their debut album ​Chaos Is The State Of The Heart ​in 2018.

Inspired by the likes of ​Bon Iver​, ​Of Monsters and Men​, and ​Oh Wonder​, however, ​Firewoodisland maintain their own idiosyncratic sound. Labelling it ‘mountain pop’ they combine the catchiness of pop with the sensibilities of indie. Elements of Firewoodisland draw parallels to characteristics of ​Aquilo or ​James Blake​, while at the same time the duo’s soundscape remains distinctive as a perfect blend of organic and digital constituents.

Stu Larsen

‘Phone Call from My Lover’


Press Notes:

These days, Stu Larsen lives out of a suitcase. You might find him somewhere between his native Australia, Spain or Japan, before he picks up and sets off for the next destination. At one point, this sort of wanderlust seemed utterly improbable—if not impossible—to a much younger version of the singer-songwriter growing up on a farm outside the tiny town of Bowenville, Queensland.

Larsen recently announced the forthcoming release of Resolute (out now via Nettwerk Records), the follow up album to his debut release Vagabond. Larsen recorded Resolute with impromptu voice memos on his phone, architecting a primitive framework for the songs. As Larsen combed through hundreds of files, he tucked himself away in different locations to write the demos – a cottage in Scotland, an apartment in Spain and an army bunker in Australia. Long-time friend, producer and songwriter Luke Thompson eventually joined him at Mike Rosenberg’s (aka Passenger) studio in Brighton to finish up the demos.

In support of 2014’s appropriately titled Vagabond, Larsen brought his music to the masses with a spate of seemingly endless global tours. Larsen has gained fans around the world with sold-out shows in North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. As a result, the record transformed into something unexpected; frequenting popular (and fittingly-titled) Spotify playlists such as “Wild + Free” with fan favorites “San Francisco” cracking 2.5 million streams and standout track “Thirteen Sad Farewells” generating an impressive 11.5 million streams.

Mock Deer

‘Twisted Forms’


Press Notes:

A self-taught musician with a unique playing and writing style Mock Deer has spent the majority of his life in the North of England and has re-immersed himself in the capital’s Alt-Folk scene over recent years playing shows for many of the best local promoters and touring both in the U.K. and Europe. As well as writing original music for theatre and television he has released 2 EPs ‘Cold and Bright’ and ‘How We Used to live’.

Mock Deer’s re-newed involvement in the London live music scene has seen him play show supporting great acts such as The Burning Hell (Can), Rainbrother (DK), Sam Brookes (UK) and Kristin McClement (UK) as well as several U.K. festivals including numerous performances at Festival No.6, Wilderness and Ramsbottom festival.

Mock Deer has just completed Debut Album The Art Of Loneliness with producer Scott Fitzgerald and is set for release on 14th February 2020.


‘iChicago’ (live acoustic)


Press Notes:

HISTORY OF TIME draws influence from modern acoustic music and hip-hop lyricism.

When founder, Roy Varley, made the move to Seattle, WA he began to collaborate with rappers and experimental artists. The three members of HISTORY OF TIME met will attending Shoreline Music program in Shoreline, WA.

Each have a background in different genres of music from punk, hip hop, to Rock n Roll.

Come summer 2020 most of our music will be of indie Rock and Blues origin.

Dana Gavanski

‘Good Instead Of Bad’


Press Notes:

Born in Vancouver to a Serbian family, Dana Gavanski has always harboured a desire to sing. In her final year of university in Montreal, she picked up the guitar left by her ex-partner and decided to re-learn.

Dana’s upcoming album, Yesterday Is Gone, is by turns break-up album, project of curiosity, and her attempt to ‘learn to say what I feel and feel what I say’.

Her new single, “Good Instead of Bad”, features Dana’s expressive vocals over minimalistic instrumentation, which allows each of the elements to remain clear and intentional.



[indie folk]

Press Notes:

KINLEY is a talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who spent ten years touring the world as a member of the band Hey Rosetta!. When not on tour with her friends, she finds time to write and record her own music.

KINLEY has just released a new single from her upcoming self-titled album. “Washington” is a lighthearted track with earnest vocals and blues-inspired guitar.

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis