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Richard Tyler Epperson

‘Another Day’

[singer-songwriter/indie folk]

What we loved most about Richard Tyler Epperson’s ‘Another Day’ is the all-pervasive rays of optimism in this transcendent, eerie, indie folk treat!

Press Notes:

A gradual ascent is bittersweet at times, but the rewards of fortitude are fruitful. Salt Lake City-based singer-songwriter Richard Tyler Epperson embraces the ups and downs of the creative process as he continues to climb his artistic mountain. His third project, the six-song Another Day EP, was released on October 15.

“Music can be a hard and painful journey, as with any passion that someone might have,” expresses Epperson, who has been fascinated with music since he was a child. “There’s a lot of rejection and doubt. But what if the dream could be a reality? The dream of being able to play music for a living and write music in the middle of the day–not at 1am when you’re exhausted and have to work the next morning. To know that the only constant feeling in your soul is true. That’s the dream and that’s what’s driven Another Day.”

Even at a young age, Epperson had the gut feeling that music was his purpose. So driven to explore this art, at the age of twelve he pawned his Star Wars figures to buy a bass guitar. “I’m a big Star Wars fan and those figures were important to me, but not as much as music,” says Epperson. “I had to make a choice.”

Following that choice, he spent his formative years through early adulthood sharpening his skills and writing chops, subsequently releasing, Falling Between The Stars (2013) and Hourglass (2014).

After taking a seven-year hiatus from recording and releasing music, Epperson built an in-home studio to tackle Another Day. The hiatus years provided much inspiration in the forms of family and fatherhood, which added more colors to his artistic pallet.

Tim Greig

‘Tickin’ By’


Simplicity, immediacy and straight-to-the-heart acoustic country by unsigned, Canadian singer-songwriter Tim Greig….

Press Notes:

Tim Greig is a Canadian Country/Folk singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Montreal. Greig first started playing the metropolitan scene as the drummer, lead singer and main songwriter of the garage rock outfit Chacal, a band which garnered a substantial following and released two studio albums and an EP. Now solo, Greig is focused on a more personal style of songwriting, with inspirations from vintage outlaw country and americana.

Prophecy Playground

‘Tincture of Guilt’

[alt folk/acoustic]

Israel’s Prophecy Playground recently gifted us with a great acoustic, alt folk treat unleashing warmth and heavenly melodies, while thecoustic guitar, cello & violin “waltz with our souls”….

Press Notes:

Prophecy Playground is an alternative-folk project founded by guitarist singer-songwriter and composer Or Izekson.
Combining gently written melancholic songs and instrumental themes with a carefully arranged string section deriving elements from classical European chamber music, Prophecy Playground’s music creates a semi-forgotten, semi-newly imagined sound – a kind of Folk which combines the melancholic with mysterious and mellow with dramatic, thus offering a new and unique take on contemporary Folk music.

Man On An Island

‘Another White Horse’

[indie folk]

The 4th 2021 track by Leipzig-based singer/songwriter Paul Schumacher, aka Man On An Island, is a flawless indie folk treasure that will transport you to a cozy country-house, by its fireplace!

Press Notes:

Man On An Island is the musical brainchild of Leipzig-based singer/songwriter Paul Schumacher. His songs, mostly produced in his living room, combine his love for acoustic and ambient music, while capturing a warm feeling of “home”.

Listening to his work you will find folk-inspired fingerpicked guitars accompanied by subtle handcrafted ambient sounds, that offer plenty of atmosphere to immerse yourself in. A calm voice and nature-bound lyrics are key elements to his unique relaxing sound.

Headless Relatives

‘Mammoth Lineage’

[indie folk/”weird folk”]

‘Mammoth Lineage’ is taken from Headless Relatives’ latest EP ‘Bestiary’, an ideal sample of diy, “weird folk”, from another artistic universe! Out of this world, but utterly adorable and melodic…

Press Notes:

We’re an independent weird folk band from Upstate NY with a love of narrative and a DIY attitude toward production. We write songs about birds and plants and ancient gods and the apocalypse, but mostly about people – broken or rapturous or defiant or all of these combined. Currently, we are also one person.


‘Dead Men Dancing’

[indie folk/dream pop]

A poetic, “dream folk” masterpiece by Irish act BLÁNDID, is among those sonic gems the listener should discover and keep them is the heart-safe….4 ever! 

Press Notes:

BLÁNID’s delicate, folk-infused sound has been causing a stir in her native Ireland and beyond with her 2021 debut ‘Fool’s Gold’ receiving support from multiple BBC Radio outlets including repeated support from Radio 1, where it was described as a ‘cinematic masterpiece’ alongside her ‘completely captivating’ voice. Her new offering ‘Dead Men Dancing’ features a swirling soundscape and surrealist lyricism about feeling lost in a disintegrating relationship, with BLÁNID’s softly captivating vocals delivering a melancholic, waltzing sound with a distinct celtic influence. The track boasts a mix from Duncan Pym (Mysie, Rising Star Award Ivor Novello/Apple Music winner) and a master from Jonas Westling (Gabrielle Aplin, Newton Faulkner).

Dave Isaacs

‘Down In The Swamp’

[roots rock/country]

“Guitar Guru” & veteran singer-songwriter, Dave Isaacs choogles down to the swamp with his “rusty”, roots rock ‘Down In The Swamp’.

Press Notes:

Dave Isaacs has been called “a musician’s musician”, a master player with the command and knowledge of his instrument that can only come from a lifetime of experience. In his adopted hometown of Music City USA he has become known in the music community as the “Nashville Guitar Guru” for his work as a teacher and coach to professional performers, hit songwriters, and the next generation of Nashville’s rising stars.

Over 12 albums and nearly 25 years, Dave has explored a stylistic range from literate singer-songwriter folk to foot-stomping swamp blues, soaring harmony-driven country-rock, and jazz- inflected instrumental excursions, all unified by a a distinctive musical personality. He has rocked a muddy crowd at Woodstock, played the blues with Les Paul, and put in his time as a journeyman guitarist in NYC dives, Nashville honky-tonks, and club and festival stages aross the US.

Grain Thief

‘Sorry You’re Sick’


The 5 lads from Boston, Grain Thief, were brave to cover the absurd Ted Hawkins classic, and the result is a bluegrass, party-stomper!

Press Notes:

Grain Thief is a 5-piece americana string band from Boston, MA. The group comprises Patrick Mulroy (guitar, vocals), Zach Meyer (mandolin, vocals), Michael Harmon (bass, vocals), Tom Farrell (lead guitar), and Alex Barstow (fiddle).

Awkward Family Portraits

‘These Four Walls’

[americana/acoustic/vocal jazz]

The first track from Awkward Family Portraits’ upcoming, second album ‘Dear Old West’ (Holy Smokes Records, March 2022) “could easily be the film score for a 1920s robbery scene, the band of criminals bursting out of a bank, cramming into a Cadillac Convertible Coupe, and zooming off, leaving a trail of dust in their wake”. Excellent, unique, intriguing & 100% vintage!

Press Notes:

Nora Brown, at 15 years of age, plays with beauty and depth in the performances captured on her new album, Sidetrack My Engine. Recorded in mono, live to tape in a large 19th century vaulted stone cellar, below the streets of Brooklyn, the album combines the raw and immediate quality of a folkloric field recording with the audio fidelity of a studio album.

The songs, and instrumentals on this record draw the listener in: They are poignant and transformative, challenging listeners to allow this old and “outsider” music into their present day life, alongside the music on the radio, TV and front pages of the internet. Nora is joined on several songs by Jackson Lynch and Jerron “Blindboy” Paxton, hailed by the New York Times as “easily the most talented young acoustic bluesman to come along in many, many years.

These songs were learned by Nora through the continued tradition of visiting elder musicians in her community, from old records and from field recordings in archival collections.

Daddy Raygun Band

‘The One Armed Man’

[alt-americana/gothic country]

The debut single by the enigmatic Canadian outfit Daddy Raygun Band is an addictive alt-americana/gothic country blend; An absolute winner from the very first second!

Press Notes:

Daddy Raygun Band is a collective of renowned Toronto musicians that collaborate to produce musical soundscapes for the lyrical musings of their friend Danny Regan. Void of a musical background, Regan’s somewhat unorthodox song structures rely more on storytelling techniques than traditional songwriting formats. He prefers to paint pictures with words to take the listener on an aural journey.

Photo Credits: Zeynep Sümer

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Compiled by: Christos Doukakis