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Melanie MacLaren

‘Graveyard Shift’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Poignant storytelling resting on a haunting soundscape, “Graveyard Shift” is the upcoming debut single from independent alternative-folk musician Melanie MacLaren. As an artist MacLaren creates a world for her listener that is both visual as well as musical, with imagistic lyrics and evocative melodies, reminding one of the familiar, while carefully guiding them into new sonic territories. Intricate fingerstyle guitar and haunting synthesizers weave together, joining the threads of past and present folk music in a seamless experience.

Described as Joni Mitchell meets Phoebe Bridgers, Melanie MacLaren takes on the longstanding folk tradition of writing about every day, but life through a modern lens, finding beauty and transcendence in the mundane and even profane aspects of the human experience. Growing up in New York and moving to Nashville in 2020 MacLaren’s music is not so much rooted in a place and time as it is suspended, caught between worlds— dreamlike and hyper-realistic, timeless and contemporary.

John Michael Hersey

‘Call Me a Fool’

[americana/classic rock]

Press Notes:

Singer/Songwriter/Actor John Michael Hersey has released fifteen albums of his music including the June 2021 album The Accidentals. Known for his sophisticated yet accessible melding of rock, pop, folk, blues and country, Hersey is first and foremost a storyteller. About The Reincarnation of a Rock, wrote “with cinematic instrumental songs, waltzes, and songs that sound like they could easily be part of a theatrical performance, this record has a lot to soak in but damn it’s fun to do so.” wrote that Hersey’s album, Dreamtime “proves to be an absolute, unhinged kind of joy, one sung straight from the heart, showing off [an] uncanny ear for melody.”And Tom Franks of wrote that Hersey’s Adirondack “is raw, hard, observant and thought provoking.” Hersey performs as a solo act and as a member of the duo The Michaels. For many years he was the musical director, guitarist and second tenor for the legendary doo-wop group Speedo and the Cadillacs. In 2010, UMass Press published his book, Forever Doo-wop, about his experiences working with the Cadillacs and other vocal groups. As an actor he recently appeared as Harris in the Theater for the New City production of William Electric Black’s The Whites, Joe Belarosky in the Theater for the New City production of William Electric Black’s Betty and the Belrays and as Warden Whalen in the La Mama production of Tennessee Williams’ Not about Nightingales. He also serves as Manager of Creative Arts at The Fortune Society, a non-profit that provides services for people involved with the criminal justice system, and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Music and Theater department at Manhattan College.

Cain Price



Press Notes:

Described by listeners as an eclectic, electronic folk artist with a DIY bent, Cain Price is a fascinating newcomer in the Canadian music scene.

The Vancouverite’s gentle new single, “Enamel,” was recorded almost entirely with one microphone, creating an alternative, vocally experimental piece of folk.

While moving into a new space, Cain and his partner got into a few heated arguments, but decided to focus on finishing the job instead of communicating and taking the time to make up.

Haunted Like Human

‘Ghost Towns’


Press Notes:

Haunted Like Human is bringing a new roots voice to Nashville: two parts folk, one part Americana, and a dash of indie vibes. Classically trained guitarist Cody Clark has played everything from post-hardcore to jazz. Vocalist Dale Chapman grew up writing prose and poetry, and she brings her strong imagery and storytelling into her music. A combination of Northwestern grit and Southern charm, the two strive to create a unique and intimate listening experience.

The Honeyrunners


[americana/roots music]

Press Notes:

The Honeyrunners are a Northern take on Southern Roots and Americana – hot-blooded and rife with the poetry of heartache. Their energy is contagious on debut album, Everything Is On Fire, out on October 22: a tapestry of rhythm and melody, underpinned with desperate optimism and a stark reminder of why your presence is needed in times like these.

James Tate Wilson

‘Levi’s Outfit’

[alt country/americana]

Press Notes:

Wilson grew up in the deserts of Arizona and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and is inspired by the classic cowboy and folk songs he heard in these parts. His love for the stories and lessons those songs shared is evident in his own music. His overall sound is a blend of these influences with modern production. Wilson currently lives in Venice Beach, CA.

Davis John Patton



Press Notes:

The music of Davis John Patton often resembles the feeling of discovering, dusting off, and opening up an old photo album. You’ll invariably experience a rush of memories only to be inspired to keep living and making more. He takes all of those emotions and commutes them into handcrafted, yet layered and textured folk. As much as you’ll watch his story unfold, Davis is really here to help you tell your story. After amassing millions of streams and media praise, the Iowa-born singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer encourages you to not just think, but to also feel out loud on his 2021 EP, Songs From Davis.


‘Days of’ (feat Patrick Carney & Jason Lytle)

[folk/indie rock]

Press Notes:

American Songwriter, creator of dreamy folklore, crossing the boundaries between eerie sceneries and fairytale laden myths.

Charm of Finches


[baroque folk/dream pop]

Press Notes:

Sister duo Charm of Finches from Melbourne, Australia, make haunted tunes about love, grief and whispering trees with tight sibling harmonies and chamber folk sound. They make baroque folk with many stringed things.

Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes grew up busking old time tunes and singing on festival stages around Australia.

Citing influences as Sufjan Stevens, Gillian Welch, Danish artist Agnes Obel and First Aid Kit, the sisters’ seamless blood harmonies traverse melancholy and wonder in equal measure. Their 2019 sophomore album “Your Company” (released on their independent label Conversations with Trees) won the 2020 Independent Music Awards’ Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album (an accolade won by Lucy Wainwright Roche the previous year) as well as nominated for the 2020 Music Victoria Best Folk Album Award and 2020 Australian Music Prize.

Bruce Morris

‘Broken Down’


Press Notes:

Bruce Morris is a country music singer/songwriter from Toronto Canada. Inspired by the deep history and mystique of country-western music, Bruce hopes to add to that genre with his poetic lyrics and old west style guitar driven songs.

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis