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Rob Crampton

‘Rich Man’s Clothes’

[indie folk/acoustic/country]

A melodious acoustic, indie folk treat with country ethos by Manchester-based singer-songwriter Rob Crampton will comfort your soul!

Press Notes:

Rob Crampton is a Manchester based singer songwriter who has been releasing music since 2019. His musical style has been likened to songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan with soulful vocal delivery and heartfelt lyrics. He has played consistently around the Manchester circuit for the past few years, building a fan base and honing his live performances.

Alexander William

‘Order of Genius’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

An effortless indie folk gem with spacious vibes and heavenly melody by Aussie singer-songwriter Alexander William…

Press Notes:

I grew up on the Gold Coast, Australia; A town brimming with life and a perfect blend of city and nature. It’s a town where for a long time nothing really happened. That’s all changing now, as the tides of time roll on past. Buildings have grown and the seas are busier, but I still love it here. No matter where I travel, I’m always happy to return. I count myself as one of the luckier people on this earth, just for that.

Growing up, I really got into fingerstyle guitar. I’m talking John Butler, big time. Eventually, Ben Howard’s tunes found my ears and my sound began to evolve. I dove into varied tunings and that rich folky sound. The lyrical side of my life came from the old Irish and Scottish realms, and figures like Leonard Cohen. I’ve always loved a good tale and love the songs that convey a story. I think that most artists have found inspiration in Cohen’s works. If I could reach a stage in music where my songs have that effect, I’d be very glad.

Hannah Wyatt

‘Hail Mary (And Start Again)’

[dark americana/folk]

A haunting vocal performance in one of the most outstanding tracks, -about the story of someone on the run and forced to reconstruct their life at every turn, in an attempt to evade those who seek them out)-,  from Hannah Wyatt’s recently released, dark americana EP ‘Iron Line’…

Press Notes:

Hannah Wyatt is an emerging indie folk singer-songwriter.

Her melancholic sound has manifested over the years with influence from a score of artists the likes of gregory alan isakov, keaton henson, blind pilot, joe purdy, the civil wars, phoebe bridgers, and many more.

With her roots in upstate new york, hannah began classical violin at age eight. thirteen years later, she earned her degree in music production & recording arts at elon university. her first year at college, hannah was signed as an artist & managed through limelight records. the following year, she redirected her exposure as an independent artist, & later joined up with NC-based americana/folk band love & valor as a violinist, vocalist, graphic designer, & recording engineer – touring & performing with the band until 2020.

At her core, hannah has always remained an independent musician, writing, recording, & producing her own works. while her solo career began blooming in 2016 with releases under a former name, she took a step forward from her DIY-past & ventured down a new path in 2021 with the release of a 15-track album, “phantom burn”, under the new name hannah wyatt.

Over the following year, her latest ep “iron line” was crafted & released on 1.1.2022.

Sarah Lake

‘You Don’t Have To’


An empowering folk pop song with, in the style of Lumineers meets Allison Krauss, with beautiful vocals and an alluring, accompanying video. Catchy one!

Press Notes:

Sarah is a singer songwriter who was born in Canada and grew up in North Carolina. She was on

American Idol (under her maiden name, Sarah Mather) and made it to the finals. After the show, she moved to NYC, where she met her Grammy Nominated producer husband, Ernie Lake. She took a brief break from music to start a family. After the birth of her two children Sarah was ready to continue pursuing her career. She released her EP The Ride in summer 2016. The video for her single “The Ride” went to number one and stayed there for four weeks on the CMT Artist Discovery Program. Her song “Soldier On” from the EP gained over one million views on YouTube. Sarah moved to Nashville in early 2017. She has since released music being featured on Tidal, Apple Music and a variety of Spotify playlists. As a songwriter Sarah has had cuts with a number of artists including The Voice 13 finalist Moriah Formica, Ms. America Betty Cantrell, and Reba McEntire took Sarah’s song “Amen” into the studio in 2018. Although she continues to write in all music formats her artist sound has crossed over to an Americana/Folk feel. Her songs “Devil in My Head” and “Messy” have been featured on Nashville Radio station Lightning 100. “Missing Home” was added to several Apple playlists. Her music video for “Wide Eyed Girl” was added to CMT online.

Echo Record

‘Midnight, Midnight’


‘Midnight, Midnight’ is a bright sample of what’s to expect from Echo Record’s upcoming album in 2022… Beguiling, country, pop-rock with well-balance vocals and an authoritative build-up!

Press Notes:

Somewhere in the blast of 2019’, Echo Record was formed out of the ashes of a prior band entitled Human Juicebox. Former members Chris Rogge, John Bonamigo, Elliott Phillips, and James Gerhart hosted song writing sessions with newly acquired talent Alex Lepiarz and soon after the band was in full flight. By playing energetic live shows and the release of their self titled EP in February of 2020, the band is able to move people with a stylish blend of sound, paying homage to their influences of the past.



[indie folk/indie pop]

A transcendent amalgam of indie folk with pop, divine vocals, flawless melody, unleashing both nostalgia and escapism, that according to Mandala is “an homage to their lives before and where they came from”. Treasure!

Press Notes:

Mandala began when Abe Azab met Morgan Fasanelli in high school in Waterbury, Connecticut in 2014. They soon discovered that by using music as an outlet for the situations they faced in their own lives, they could create a musical experience that would resonate with listeners from all backgrounds. The two went on spending endless hours perfecting their songwriting together. Soon, the aspiring songwriters would begin developing the sound that is mandala. By using their experiences, through songwriting mandala creates powerful music that influences their listeners to experience the world from their perspective; love, loss, confidence, struggle and hope are themes they conquer within their music. Their tightness within their interpersonal lives binds them together both on and off stage, presenting chemistry to the audience that is evident beyond the performance.

Now, after a cross-country drive and a life-changing move, they are living in Los Angeles, California taking the West Coast by storm and preparing to drop a new album in 2022.

Mandala consists of driven poets, talented musicians, songwriters, storytellers, and friends.

Together, they are on a mission to create an experience through their music by telling their story.


‘Artificial Odyssey’

[indie folk/psych]

A great indie folk song with gentle, psych elements, and an ala Velvet Underground progression… Trippy stuff ideal for endless, Sunday afternoons!

Press Notes:

ØZWALD is the indie side project of lead singer and guitarist Jason Wade and Steve Stout of the band Lifehouse. Jay and Steve started the project over a bond of the Beatles and Indie music, writing/producing songs where they both sang together in a new project with no rules.

With the goal of releasing 2 full-length LP’s a year, the duo has produced/written and released 5 records since 2019. The latest LP ‘young suburban minds’ is out now which was produced/mixed and all instruments performed by Jason and Steve. (stayin’ young mixed by Max Allyn).

Luciana Zogbi

‘Red Sun’

[indie folk/ethnic]

A rich indie folk treat with ethnic elements, eerie vocals and a jaw-dropping visualizer, by the Brazilian singer, composer and YouTuber Luciana Zogbi!

Press Notes:

Luciana Zogbi is a singer, composer and YouTuber who, like many other young artists, started her career creating her own version of popular songs on YouTube. Her unique and soothing voice attracted over 2.7 million subscribers from all around the globe. Last year, she started releasing her own original music that reflects her own philosophy, style and eclectic background. Luciana was born in Brazil, has Lebanese ancestry and travels around the world to gather inspiration for her music. Much of her work centers around breaking barriers and borders and promoting unity and transcendence.

Seth Quinn


[psych folk]

Tempting psych folk vibes, delicate melody and hallucinogenic vocals from Australian University student/teacher, aide/waiter & artist Seth Quinn’s debut EP… Lost in time!

Press Notes:

My name is Seth Quinn. I’m a 21 year old university student/teacher aide/waiter from QLD Australia. Although I’ve made music since I was a little kid, it’s only now that I’m beginning to release some of it. Throughout this year, I plan to release a string of singles before releasing my debut album.

While many of my songs vary in sound, they all have a certain common thread – I look for ugly sounds and ugly notes; I think that, when used correctly, they can add a certain beauty that’s otherwise very hard to find.

Stuart Pearson

‘Like A House With Broken Windows’

[gothic country/alt americana]

The opening track from Stuart Pearson’s recently released full-length ‘Mojave’, is a superb gothic country gem with theatrical vocals and strong narrative style! Ready for the desert?

Press Notes:

I’m originally from Long Island and I have been writing songs since I was seven while battling childhood epilepsy. We would spend summers on my grandfather’s farm in Wisconsin, listening to Johnny Cash, Bobby Gentry, Charlie Rich. Back home,when the city’s punk scene blossomed, I discovered the noise made by the NY Dolls, Television, the Ramones and that lead me to the Velvet Underground.

My band Through the Woods was voted Band of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters in the late 90’s. We would use things like bicycle wheels, bowed guitars, tuba, glockenspiel, hurdy gurdy, squeezebox, banjo, hubcaps, sax and clarinet, playing what is now called “Dark Americana”.

In 2007, I performed on the Taste of Chaos tour and The Warped Tour using a Slinky, a cymbal-playing toy monkey, remote controlled christmas toys, accordion, hurdy gurdy and toy piano, playing hip hop and metal songs.

I am now making Dark Americana music. “Mojave” is the second of a series of dangerous songs for seedy people. Dusty, smudged impressions of ruined buildings and their inhabitants.

[All Press Notes provided by the artists]

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis