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[americana/classic rock]

Tennessee band Grape.’s ‘Mailman’ is a great mixture of laid-back americana with classic rock forms, written from a dog’s perspective of the mail deliverer… Super cool stuff and killer organ!

Press Notes:

Born on the streets of midtown Memphis, Tennessee in 2015, Grape. immediately took on the grind-first spirit of the very city they stem from. By aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic paired with a signature sound, vocalist/guitarist Corbin Miles, bassist Frank Rhodes, drummer Chad Huey, percussionist Bill Harry, and newly added keyboardist Brad Dickerson have carved out their own highly electric “jam band” scene. Grape. released their debut EP album, Witness, in the U.S. and Canada on April 29, 2018 on the band’s own label, 14 Stones Records, and in partnership with Binghampton Audio

Sweet Roger

‘Get It Right’


Top quality acoustic, folk-blues treat by the Canadian singer-songwriter Sweet Roger, in the vein of R.L. Burnside!

Press Notes:

Sweet Roger is a surly blues and folk songwriter distilling Americana, grunge, and Country into his own unique sound. With his deft guitar playing, crafty melodies and poignant lyrics, he finds relevance for folksy themes in our modern world.

Christian Parker 

‘Last Glance’


A tender acoustic folk treasure written for a 15 y.o. boy who sadly took his own life, after having been victim of an online predator… Christian Parker at his most intimate and best!

Press Notes:

In Canton, a small upstate NY town that hugs the Canadian border, resides a seasoned songwriter, American recording artist, and guitarist by the name of Christian Parker.

In equal measurements of melodic color and rhythmic flair, Christian’s dazzling collection of songs have been warming the hearts of listeners over the past 3 and a half decades. By pivoting his lyricism around emotion, tension, and hope, Parker has carved out a sound that constantly keeps the listener craving more, with songs that elegantly weave through a tapestry of pensive acoustic and chiming electric guitars with unforgettable hooks.

Acting as a musically minded watchman on the wall, Christian Parker centers the themes and stories of his productions around the events and stories of others, while also honing in his wordplay around the human condition. He speaks to the trials, tribulations, and victories we encounter in everyday life, and to the complexities of relationships, whether in the form of loss or appreciation.

Although Parker’s lyricism could be interpreted as melancholic, having written music that focuses on suicide, faith, and the regret of loss, Parker is a true believer that songs need to be uncovered, so that once they are revealed, the piece of music can serve as a blessing to those that hear them. As a listener, his ability to start with verses in moody minor keys before finally reaching gloriously uplifting choruses takes you on an unforgettable pop-landscape, sonic-fueled journey.

Having been playing the guitar since the age of 12, it was the day after the tragic death of John Lennon in 1980 that Parker took his very first lesson. As America wept, Christian Parker learned to play Rocky Raccoon that very night. Fast forward five years and by 17 Christian had released his first album, ‘Reflections of Tomorrow’. He has since added five additional studio albums to his discography through the years. He went on to collaborate and co-write songs with Peter Pendras for Bug Music in Nashville, TN who was a staff writer.

In recent years he has worked with producer Louie Hurwitz; Woodstock Records who most notably performed in The Band with Levon Helm. Christian’s efforts as lead guitarist in the Waydown Wailers helped take their 2018 release of Backland Blues to number 42 on The Roots Music Report. The band has been a supporting act for Lady A, Charlie Daniels, Jarrod Niemann, and The New Riders of the Purple Sage – to name a few.

Now an artist on SubCat Records, Christian is co-producing with engineer Ron Keck on his newest project Every Passing Mile and Best Kept Secret, a collection of previously unreleased material spanning the last two decades.

Vintz Desert


[indie folk]

A dark, indie folk treasure with haunting melody, about Sisyphus, “an old Greek king who was forced by Zeus to push a boulder up a steep hill only to have it roll down the closer he got”, cleverly used as a parabole to real life, taken from Vintz Desert’s upcoming EP, out on May 20th!

Press Notes:

Indie-folk musician whose songs are soulful acoustic based ballads. Lyrically driven and emotion-based songs that tell stories of love, mental health, and various aspects of being human.

Trip for Léon

‘Belle étoile’

[indie folk]

Fairy-like indie folk with compelling vocals and divine melodies finds French outfit Trip for Léon at their artistic zenith…. Eternal love!

Press Notes:

Trip for Léon strikes with its Perpetual waves, unrolls the scarlet thread of our flaws and infiltrates everywhere. Imagine, Philip K. Dick and the Casady sisters (CocoRosie) dining at the same table as Joanna Newsom, Nina Hagen and Beth Gibbons. There is something enchanting, and from this duo towards an elsewhere infuses an electro folk trip-hop that touches the soul.

The ACT Americana Trio

‘True North’


The ACT Americana Trio’s ‘True North’ is an alluring americana treat with heartfelt melody, a healthy dose of nostalgia an poignant lyrics! “Canadiana” at its best!

Press Notes:

The ACT Americana Trio never strays far from its North Star – solid songwriting, rootsy riffs, and heartfelt harmonies. Their commitment to the Americana genre led The ACT to True North – their debut EP and title single – all about the magnetic draw of where we come from and where we are going. When everything else in the world seems a little too uncertain, it’s good to know True North will always lead you home.

The ACT Americana Trio started playing together in Vancouver five years ago, collaborating on tracks and tunes that showcase smart lyrics, well blended vocals, and skills on acoustic and resonator guitars, dobro, mandolin and piano.

The ACT Americana Trio is made up of “A” for Andre Chrys, a Winnipeg-born singer-songwriter (Terminal Avenue, Window to Nowhere) who brings years of live performance and a couple of vintage Gibsons to the group. “C” stands for Chris Lok, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose dobro resonates all over the band’s tracks and whose other projects include The Venn Collective and work as a solo artist. And then there is Taryn Laronge (Little Doorways), an Indigenous Canadian singer-songwriter, whose soulful voice and piano playing rounds out The ACT to a “T.”

The Willow Soul

‘This Is Your Song’

[indie folk/indie pop]

A splendid indie folk/indie pop amalgam that genuinely captures the vibes of becoming a parent… Sweet, and straight from the heart music!

Press Notes:

Born and raised in Paris, France. I’ve been living in LA for 3 years now. As a guitar and bass player, The Willow Soul is my solo project for which I used remote recording session techniques in order to collaborate with other musicians in the US. Each song has a different singer in it to create this sense of community/collective.



[indie folk]

24-carat gold, indie folk by the Swiss outfit Mastergrief, with a compelling veil of melancholy, bringing shivers down the spine! This treasure is part of their debut album ‘Fey’, out via the eclectic label Radicalis. 

Press Notes:

The musicians behind Mastergrief are four of the currently most exciting and most active heads of the Basel scene. Singer and head of the band Joachim Setliks (Sheila She Loves You), pianist Matthias Gusset (solo artist, Sheila She Loves You, Don’t Kill The Beast), drummer Alon Ben (Luna Oku, Malummì) and bassist Raphael Scheiwiller (Laurin Buser, Annie Goodchild, Juniper) have been active in various formations for years and help shape the face of the local music and art scene.

Since their formation in 2019, Mastergrief have been meticulously working on their songs and processing experiences – both good and bad – from their other projects. However, the fruits of this labour could only be heard at the quartet’s rare live shows. That is, until now.

Silver Lining

‘Silver Lining’


Super group featuring members of The Northern Belle and Louian, Silver Lining breathe some fresh air in the “nordicana” genre, and this track is among the most representative samples of their artistry!

Press Notes:

Bringing together members of two prominent Norwegian acts, The Northern Belle and Louien, folky Americana quartet Silver Lining has sometimes been dubbed a supergroup in their native country. Moving on from the sound of their mostly acoustic debut, the band introduces a broader Americana sound on their sophomore album, Go Out Nowhere. With a widescreen, heartland sound, and a groovy backbone, reminiscent of Aaron Lee Tasjan, Erin Rae, or The Band.

Consisting of four instrumentalists, three of them also singer-songwriters, Silver Lining debuted with the low-key and mellow Heart and Mind Alike in 2018. The album was well received in the band’s home country, and reached a much wider audience, thanks to several “streaming hits” reaching millions of plays.

Mama’s Broke

‘Narrow Line’


A dazzling folk-americana song “about boundaries”, with impeccable arrangement and meditative vocals, by the Canadian folk duo Mama’s Broke, which serves as an ideal taster from upcoming full-length, out on May 13th via Free Dirt Records…

Press Notes:

Canadian folk duo Mama’s Broke have spent the past eight years in a near-constant state of transience, pounding the transatlantic tour trail. They’ve brought their dark, fiery folk-without-borders sound to major festivals and DIY punk houses alike, absorbing traditions from their maritime home in Eastern Canada all the way to Ireland and Indonesia.

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Compiled by: Christos Doukakis