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***guêboʒhas aſaqɣ hubchìhicâ hɣcſcâ=55 (Muisca numerical system)***

Doc Feldman & the Alt + Cntry + Delete

‘Bad News’


Press Notes:

Former psych-folk band Good Saints founder Doc Feldman is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist living in Lexington, Kentucky and interested in exploring the darker sides of folk music. Unafraid of incorporating distortion, weird field recordings, and other noise experimentation, Doc’s debut album Sundowning at the Station feels rooted in traditional forms of American music, yet totally new. Released by This is American Music. Doc’s new album A Healthy Dose of Anxiety, which was supported by a grant from the Kentucky Arts Council for excellence in songwriting will be coming out on April 30, 2021 via Shaker Steps Records.

Billy Edwin

‘The Road’


Press Notes:

Billy Edwin played in SoCal punk rock bands for about 15 years, touring North America and Europe. He started writing new tunes in different genres and called up some old bandmates to track a new record, New American West was released in August 2020.

Described as traditional American rock n’ roll music with punk roots and a slice of country, Edwin offers powerful melodies and blunt, not-so-traditional lyrics.

Roger D’Arcy

‘The Ballad of Sir Hudson Lowe’


Press Notes:

Roger John D Arcy – born in Derby, England 1956 –

“I grew up in the sixties in the north of England Too young to take a proper role or to play my own hand The Shadows turned to Beatles and The Man shot JFK We were frightened by the Russians and we worried every day”

El Warren

‘Long Lonely Time’ – Album Version


Press Notes:

Rock musician/songwriter/vocalist El Warren writes and performs tight, emotional, guitar-centered songs: road tunes, laments, drinking songs, love songs, and songs about everyday life.His latest album, Paradise (April, 2021), examines the experiences of Californians living through multiple crises: wildfires, political strife, and social isolation.

My Auxiliary Ego

‘Lady of the Serengeti’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

My Auxiliary Ego is an indie folk band created by singer/songwriter Maria Theresa Barbist. The visual artist, psychologist and musician was born in Austria and lives in Miami, FL. Growing up in the Tyrol she was playing polkas, valses and tangos on the accordion for her mother’s bed and breakfast guests at an early age and later was part of an accordion orchestra.

The self-titled debut EP was recorded during the global pandemic when Barbist started to collaborate with producer Rodrigo Gamboa who also plays guitar on the record. They are joined by Mariano Escalona on drums and Josu Ortiz on piano for ‘Childhood Shrine’.

Georgia Lee Johnson

‘Open Ocean’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Indie-folk artist Georgia Lee Johnson sings like an old soul who has already done this undertaking we call “life” before.

She sings with reverence and profound wisdom next to a sound that can only be described as mystic-folk—featuring the traditional sounds of Appalachia, Irish, and African music.

Trent Halliday

‘The Heart of the Matter’


Press Notes:

English guitarist, singer/songwriter and producer Trent Halliday co-founded garage-rock band DeepSeaGreen in 2008, performing lead vocals, guitar and taking on the majority of writing duties. After three albums and one acoustic EP, the group disbanded in 2013, leaving Halliday with a wealth of unused material which formed the basis of his first neo-psych album under the recording alias Three Days Dark. He has since released two more albums under the moniker and a solo acoustic EP under his own name, 2016’s ‘Moon Thing’. In 2018 he released his first full length instrumental album, the broadly minimalist inspired, orchestral-folk collection Paper Lights. Full length acoustic led album The Weight of an Hour, was released in 2019 followed by Declare in 2020.

Taylor Rogers



Press Notes:

Chicagoan contemporary folk musician Taylor Rogers shares the title-track from NOA: a music film, her recent collaboration with cinematographer Lillian Walker. This video examines how grief can be experienced in the smallest of daily activities and features clown artist Pamela Chermansky, and visual artist Jason Jackson.




Press Notes:

Rabbit is a Los Angeles native, songwriter, guitarist and poet. She weaves poetry into her songs, touching on the genres of Americana, folk, rock and blues.

Gal Musette



Press Notes:

Gal Musette, taking her name from the French style “Bal Musette,” an accordion-based French waltz style, draws inspiration from artists like Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Bjork, Cocteau Twins, Rufus Wainwright, Irving Berlin and The Cure. In more recent years, she has opened for several renowned artists such as Macy Gray, Suzanne Vega, Todd Snyder, and Donavon Frankenreiter. In October she will be releasing her debut album “Backwards Lullaby,” featuring a vocal duet with one of her musical inspirations, Rufus Wainwright. Her upcoming album explores the pangs of hopeless romances and unrequited love, what it’s like to move beyond idealized love into the acceptance of what is real and constant, as well as the cyclical nature of life and love in relationships.

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis