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The Nation Mourns

‘While It Lasts’


Press Notes:

The Nation Mourns is the musical brain child of Irish songwriter Neil O’Shea. Growing up with a wide range of blues and rock influence, it was the haunting timbre of artists such as Tom Waits, Nick Drake, and Jackson C Frank that drew him to songwriting. This has lead him to lyrics of landscapes and leaving for home; while subtle, melancholic melodies draw you ever further into the music.

Mason Oakes


[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Midwestern indie-folk has sprouted new roots in singer/songwriter Mason Oakes, whose grounded, soothing style underscores the affliction and sincerity of the lives we lead. Oakes’ sobering lyrics of everyday heartaches and joy transform the simplicity of life into stirring daydreams about the possibilities of what lies ahead. Collaborating with fellow Wisconsin singer-songwriter, Suzi Lindner, and renowned audio engineer, Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, Gregory Alan Isakov), he is releasing a series of singles each month leading up to the release of his debut EP in 2021.

Unwed Fathers

‘Body Chopper’

[progressive folk]

Press Notes:

Unwed Fathers is a progressive folk act from the state of Texas in the United States. Their latest release, ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE HELPERS is a 7 track EP several years in the making. Originally demoed in 2017, the March 5, 2021 release is presented to you the way it was intended to sound, look and feel. Re-mixed and fully mastered, I hope this set of recordings finds you in a time of stability and peace. In a world that can sometimes be filled with stress and chaos, remember that you are strong. Remember to always look for the helpers. Thank you to all the musicians and others who made this possible.

Mac Greer

‘Say It To My Face’


Press Notes:

Mac is originally from Northeast Georgia but now he is living in Nashville Tn, writing and recording music. Mac Got his start playing music in the bars of Boone Nc and stays true to his roots. If you ever find him stumbling around Nashville at night, buy him a Budweiser.

Derek Dames Ohl

‘Pour It Till My Glass Is Full’


Press Notes:

Derek Dames Ohl has been taking the Front Range music scene by storm with his local rock n’ roll outfit Flash Mountain Flood. In his spare time from touring the country, Derek keeps his roots close with a six string on his back sharing songs at every bar or dive that will host. With sounds from Americana to pop Derek is sure to keep every listener on their toes, you’ll be crying one second and having a hoot the next.

Sonic Brews

‘A Brewer’s Tale’


Press Notes:

Sonic Brews is a movement that is connecting music with great brews of any kind. Our first single is “A Brewer’s Tale” by musicians that are passionate about beers.

Mermaid Avenue

‘Turn the Page’

[alt-country/indie rock]

Press Notes:

Mermaid Avenue continue to mix indie rock and with a healthy dose of 90’s classicism and Oz rock swagger on new single ‘Turn the Page’. Already garnering radio airplay in Australia, the US and the UK, the new single has also been well received by music reviewers such as Jenny Syratt of Araminta’s Attic who wrote ‘…this single may well be the page turner for Mermaid Avenue, a morphing of a butterfly from what was a chrysalis. It exemplifies catchy hooks, abundant creativity and all-round likeability.’

Katy for Kings



Press Notes:

Taking Influences from idols such as John Mayer, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves, Chelmsford native Katy for Kings channels all her favourite artists into her music and makes it her own.

Katy’s been finding her feet alongside The Bourne brothers, Chris Bourne and James Bourne (Busted) as well as working with renowned Miley Cyrus and Jonas brothers producer John Strawberrius Fields.

Following some local festival appearances, Katy with the help of her team began recording multiple projects over a span of 3 years before finally making her release debut at the end of 2020 with single “Words Around” achieving over 20k Streams within her first month.

Having already achieved over 40k streams, to date, 2021 is going to be a very exciting year for this creative young artist.

Renny Jackson

‘Man Of The World’


Press Notes:

Who else but Renny Jackson can pull off mixing folk, funk, reggae and rumba?

Like the man himself, Renny’s trademark stylistic fusion of upbeat, feel-good music was born in Birmingham, lived in London and seasoned in Seville!

Renny started performing as a teenager in Birmingham’s music bars & folk venues. He spent his university years in London establishing himself on the singer-songwriter circuit before jumping ship to Andalucia, drawn by a love of Spanish culture and – in particular – Flamenco!

Over the last few years Renny has gigged throughout Andalucia and performed at top London venues including Kings Place (supporting Blue Rose Code) and Wilton’s Music Hall.

Renny’s music has received rave reviews from critics including The Guardian columnist George Monbiot:

“Just been listening to tracks by @RennyJackson and loving them. Great lyrics.”

Renny’s songs seep of soul, inspired by the diversity of world music. He has come a long way from the acoustic folk of his early days to the complex rhythms, brazen horns and and sumptuous production of his current output.

2020 saw Renny back in the studio against all odds alongside a mask-clad crew of madly talented musos to deliver his most ambitious work to date: the upcoming LP “Seasons of My Hand”, due for release in Spring 2021. Lead single, “River Roots”, is a perfect example of the sort of pandemic-busting upbeat tunes you can expect to hear on the full album!

Sean Stephen

‘Ghosts to Rest’

[dark country/blues rock]

Press Notes:

After spending many years touring the world with major artists on the other side of the stage, Sean decided it was time to finally record all of those songs that had been hanging round for years. After a few live shows supporting artists such as Jesse Dayton and Connie Lush Band he recorded the album with the help of Grammy award winning producer and Nashville engineer Chris Wilkinson in Sheffield U.K. His sound combines loads of influences from blues, country and rockabilly to give a dark Americana feel.

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis