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***guêatas aſaqɣ mica=23 (Muisca numerical system)***

Train Room

‘Heroes Everywhere’


Press Notes:

Train Room is the brainchild of Balla songwriter, musician and producer Joe Monaghan. Train Room’s first gig, at Dublin’s showcase Hard Working Class Heroes Festival in 2016, and debut EP Delicate Bones, brought the band’s distinctive sound to general attention and significant interest.

Joe, who has been honing his musical skills recording demos for the past seven or eight years (in his studio in Balla), cites musical influences as broad as Wilco, Whipping Boy, Kate Bush, Neil Young and Nina Simone. But listen to Delicate Bones, and you’ll hear that Train Room makes music that is very much its own. A band on the ascendant, and one to watch.

“Delicate Bones” was the critical acclaimed debut EP from Irish born singer-songwriter Joe Monaghan. Performing under the monacure Train Room, the native from Mayo debut single Horizons was chosen by the Council of Tourism in Ireland to represent the county in a major worldwide TV campaign.


‘The Way I Was’


Press Notes:

Raggedy is a solo artist with an intimate lo-if acoustic sound. Her haunting melodies capture the essence of her intensely personal lyrics, setting the stage for her home-recorded singles.

Raggedy’s namesake is fitting to her musical style: melancholy, misfit, with a lot of heart.

The artist is from Asheville, North Carolina where she currently resides.

Rett Madison

‘Shame is a River’


Press Notes:

West Virginia-born Rett Madison evokes the strength and poise of artists like Julien Baker in her striking new single “Shame is a River.” The 23-year-old Rett Madison commands attention with compelling vocals in this bare and raw performance.

The now LA-resident made her way to the city at 18 to attend university but dropped out by the time she was 20 to pursue music more seriously. Rett grew up listening to music on road trips with her mom – influenced by artists like Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Madonna, Cat Stevens, Norah Jones, Sade and the Bee Gees. With the support of her parents, she began taking piano lessons. “My first piano teacher, Carla, and her husband, Mike (who also played guitar) are like parents to me too. I spent a lot of time with them as a child taking lessons and even had a room at their house for a summer when I was six years old. I would just sit with Carla at the piano for a few hours and then run around outside at her home in West Virginia with her four German Shepherds. It was a really beautiful time,” she shares.

Rett attended Interlochen Arts Academy to study songwriting from the ages of 16-18 years old. Located on a campus in the middle of a forest in northern Michigan, Rett found her passion for writing and creating. Surrounded by 500 other students all studying various disciplines of art, Interlochen completely changed her life for the better.

At around 18 or 19 years old, Rett had formed her identity as an artist and musician but still struggled with her identity as a person – it was then that she realized and accepted her queer identity. “I was raised Catholic, and grew up in a small city in West Virginia of about 15,000 people,” she shares. “Although I had attended public schools in West Virginia until I was 16, I had a very bigoted and homophobic teacher my freshmen year of high school. I didn’t understand my own identity yet, but I fought back on this teacher’s homophobic remarks he made during class until the point I was in tears and outraged. I didn’t have the vocabulary at that time to say he was being prejudiced, but I was very hurt by his words.”

Viktor Spasov



Press Notes:

26 year old Swedish singer/songwriter who studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Decided to drop everything i learned about music theory in school and just let whatever music wanted to come out to guide me.

Hayes Peebles



Press Notes:

Hayes Peebles was born and raised in New York City where indie rock was the soundtrack to his everyday. But at night and at home, Peebles taught himself guitar by studying music from a very different vein. He plucked out folk songs, country songs and sad songs. Neil Young, The Band, Townes van Zandt and Roy Orbison began to instill in him a love of lyricism, a reverence for twang and melancholy that he couldn’t shake.

Unable to give up the sparkling guitars and the attitude of the indie that raised him, and unwilling to deny his affinity for folk, country and the American songbook- Peebles crafted a sound that embodies both.

That sound was debuted on his Ghosts EP and followed by a run of releases that caught the attention of KUTX Austin, Lightning 100, Paste and Rolling Stone Country who wrote that “recent releases show the young songwriter to be a distinct new voice in Americana songwriting, one who’s clearly studied up on his idols before him.”

Brent Amaker DeathSquad

‘You Won’t Find Me’


Press Notes:

Brent Amaker DeathSquad is composed of Darci Carlson (Bass & Vocals), Nozomi Momo (Drums & Vocals), Bryan Crawford (Drums & Vocals) and Izzie White (The Boss), are here to deliver the hurt and take no prisoners. And while the ethos of Brent Amaker and The Rodeo lives on, the new project lives in a parallel line that takes on a life and identity of its own. The whiskey-soaked rhythms are here, but there’s a self-awareness — a feeling that Brent Amaker DeathSquad is of the moment vs. etched in time — that has quickly propelled them forward in the Seattle scene.

Brent Amaker and The Rodeo has shared the stage as an opener for Willie Nelson, The Mavericks, David Allen Coe, and many other touring acts. Brent Amaker’s music can be heard worldwide in television programs on HBO and Showtime such as Big Little Lies, Sharp Objects, Weeds, and Californication. Since 2015 Brent Amaker’s music has received 2.91 million streams on Spotify worldwide. Nearly every major city in the world is listening.


‘Want Me’


Press Notes:

Brooklyn-based indie folk duo Hearth consists of Sara Horton and Melanie Wiggins, who sing and play their quirky, soulful songs about everything from the vagaries of love in the time of frat-bros and nice-guys to inequality and immigration reform – all delivered with an Indigo Girls meets Simon & Garfunkel meets Kimya Dawson meets something-you-haven’t-quite-heard-yet sound.

Dan Rico


[indie folk/bedroom pop]

Press Notes:

Dan Rico is a songwriter, musician, and producer currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. He’s released a number of songs and albums including “Endless Love” (2016), “Flesh and Bone” (2017), “Dreamy” (2018), and “Basement Pop” (2019). Under his belt he has a number nationwide tours of the United States and parts of Europe.

Ora Cogan


[psych folk/dark wave]

Press Notes:

Ora Cogan is a multi-disciplinary artist and singer-songwriter based in Victoria B.C. She is known for her singular voice and cinematic compositions. While migrating between several cities and towns over the past decade, she has released seven albums and toured extensively throughout Europe and North America. Cogan has collaborated with a multitude of artists, curating Les Yeux in Montreal, Scoring Films for Beyond Boarding and songwriting with Frazey Ford. Since her 2017 release, Crickets, She has performed at Le Guess Who Festival in the Netherlands, Pickathon Festival in Portland, Oregon and was personally invited by Mazzy Star to open for one of their rare performances in California. Her new album, Bells in the Ruins, will be released July 13, 2020 on Prism Tongue Records.



[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Fronted by singer/songwriter Hannah Beeghly, mlady is a four-piece band from Denver, Colorado whose brand of indie rock combines hook-filled vocals and dreamy harmonies. Drums, bass, and the melodic leads of guitarist Austin Bourdon round out mlady’s blend of folk, pop, country, and indie rock, producing catchy, relatable songs that are sure to leave listeners with an emotional impression. “Bad For Me,” their first full-band single, is set for release on March 17, 2019, with their self-titled EP “mlady” debuting later that year.

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis