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***guêatas aſaqɣ boʒha=22 (Muisca numerical system)***

Evan Alexander Moore

‘Backbone Of America’

[folk/’political song’]

Press Notes:

Evan is a born and raised Texan songwriter, currently rambling around New York City. He has been surrounded by music his whole life, his mother a guitarist & lover of folk, and his father a drummer and prog-rock aficionado. Evan, previously has played drums in an Indie Garage Rock band, performed in musical theater, but now currently writes and performs his own songs; an odd brand of eclectic folk tunes. In addition to music pursuits, he is also studying to be a mental health counselor.

Evan’s vision of folk music, is one that is torn between the new and the old. His songwriting is both traditional yet undeniable modern, veering from traditional americana and folk, all the way to psychedelia and punk music. His first release, The Alexander EP was a D.I.Y. album filled with blemishes, voice cracks, and crumbling textures. On the EP he touched on heartbreak both emotional and political. The tracks from his upcoming album, The Perennial Millennial,are more expanded, pristine, yet other worldly. Each track dissecting the Millennial mindset, and the current American capitalist landscape. Lyrically he denounces oligarchs, racists, the ruling class, while championing young, poor, and anxiety ridden millennials. He pulls his influences from all corners of the western music diaspora, from the politics of Kendrick Lamar, the recklessness of Bob Dylan, and the poetic imagery of Joni Mitchell.

Bobby John

‘If I Were You’

[indie folk/pop]

Press Notes:

With a blend of Michael-esk pop vibes and an untamed rock edge, Bobby John is a classically trained versatile vocalist and award winning, hook driven singer / songwriter / topliner.

Signed to Bloc Notes Music Publishing, he’s written #1 singles for artists such as Serena Ryder (Together We Are One) and Olivier Dion (Sortir de l’Ombre), has had international success with cuts such as “Watch Out” on the #1 album in Japan “Magic” by EXO-CBX, and continuous to be credited as a songwriter on numerous yearly radio singles in the Canadian market.

As an artist, he’s opened for acts including Bon Jovi and Bobby Bazini, and had his first 2 solo singles “Strong” and “Somebody Else” on the Quebec Top 100 Radio Correspondents charts for a combined 45 weeks, hitting #1 on numerous stations.

His most recent release, “Crazy Beautiful”, was performed as an English/French duet alongside Acadia’s sweetheart Joannie Benoit and is currently in rotation on Sirius XM.

With recent songwriting trips to Japan, Nashville and Paris, Bobby John is currently writing for international producers and artists while in studio for his debut album with his next single scheduled for release later this year.

Simon Howard

‘Life of Today’


Press Notes:

Dousing contemporary folk with pained Americana, singer-songwriter Simon Howard’s delicate storytelling shines amid his effortlessly heart-wrenching vocal. After a secluded Texan summer spent writing in Austin, Howard returned home to record his debut EP. His forthcoming single, ‘Life of Today’, is an emotionally charged foot- stomping folk anthem reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s ‘Hurricane’ years.



[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Born in Malmö, Sweden. Timothy provides his own musical touch to the world of songwriters, delivering a taste of indie-folk, electronica and a hint of neo-classical elements.

Now going live with my new single “Alone”, the follow up to the recent release “Home”. Alone is a melancholic song searching for love within tranquillity. Inspiration for this track has been my hikes, my quiet times in nature and the simplicity around me.

Junior Cheyne

‘Close Enough For Jazz’  (with John Wages)

[country/vocal jazz]

Press Notes:

Country music has pretty much lost its soul and its purpose, but that’s just a problem if you stay inside the safe lanes of the Nashville record industry and their cohorts in corporate radio. Out where it gets Wild in the Country, young artists are reclaiming the roots of their music and carving a fresh path with the help of the Americana Music fans and their allies. Yes it’s time for some rain in the drought and John Wages is riding with Junior Cheyne down a trail that’s sure to make fans of REAL country music get up and dance and raise their hands to the bountiful sky.

Rach Brennan & The Pines


[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Rach Brennan & The Pines re-emerge with slinky new single ‘Sirens’, decidedly darker and more mysterious than their previous output.

“I’m a libra. We don’t usually write songs like this” – Rach Brennan

‘Sirens’ is is a kaleidoscope of sonic experiment and an edgy follow up from RB&TP’s debut LP ‘Here’s to Better Times & Seeing Better Places’, released in March 2019.

RB&TP have found multiple successes in their previous releases with their first single ‘Weapon of Love’ reaching #4 on the iTunes Singer Songwriter charts, ‘I Wanna See You’ and ‘Hindsight’ both hitting #2 on AMRAP regional charts, and their single ‘Underground’ finding success on Triple J Unearthed with Dave Ruby Howe declaring it “Another strong offering from this band. It’ll put some wind in your sail.”

Amongst all their chart success, Rach Brennan & The Pines have also been keeping busy supporting Australian music alumni such as Bob Evans, The Teskey Brothers, Lisa Mitchell and Sahara Beck to name but a few. The band have also emerged as festival favourites, appearing at Queenscliff Music Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival and Peaks & Sounds.




Press Notes:

Born of rural Texas and arriving in L.A. via the Dallas music scene, Loretti has been making music and collaborating with various musicians in Southern California since 2010. Releasing The First Arrest in 2011 with producer Scott Warren, and their EP Proud Proud Pride in 2014 with Raymond Richards producing, Loretti has melted and refined their influences into a solid nugget of Vintage California Country Gold that will transport the listener to the late ‘70s, when country artists headed west to break into the soft rock scene. Loretti is currently releasing music recorded at MooseCat Studios with Mike Post and planning a new EP in 2020.

The Duke of Norfolk

‘January / Eden, Come Slowly’


Press Notes:

The Duke of Norfolk is peripatetic folk musician and multi-instrumentalist Adam Howard. Having grown up in bluegrass territory and later studied Sound Design at the University of Edinburgh, Howard’s music nestles somewhere between traditional folk instrumentation and more modern electronic folk. More than somewhat bookish and deeply fascinated by religion & mythology, Howard’s writing tends to reflect the conflict between the fantastic / idealistic worlds of books & dreams and the reality of the ordinary.

Rosa Tu

‘The Swamp’


Press Notes:

A multi-cultural New York-based singer/songwriter with a penchant for vocal harmony, Rosa writes to open up windows into the unconscious and bring listeners into themselves. While people stay home, searching for meaning in the mess of social media, news, and advertisements, Rosa writes stories of psychological and emotional freedom where no one is buying or selling anything.

Combining elements of folk, pop, and classical music, Rosa’s songs lean heavily towards the dark, painful sides of human experience. She believes exploring these parts of ourselves is a way to deep and unconditional love. She sees the kind of beauty she hopes to express in the work of poets and artists like Mary Oliver, Frida Kahlo, and Joan Baez. What emerges are introspective songs based on personal experience, expressing timeless, universal stories.

Rosa released her first album ‘In Winter’s Shade’ in 2013, followed by a 5-track album ‘Glass House’ in 2015. In 2016 she moved to Berlin to write and perform with her cousin as the acoustic duo Mother’s Favorite Daughter. Rosa’s music video “Davy and the Priest” was an official selection for Roma Cinema Doc 2020 in the experimental film category.

Rosa’s single and animated short film ‘The Swamp’ came out April 17th, and will be followed by her full album ‘Drink All The Wine,’ available in August, 2020. She is represented by the Berlin-based label collective The Famous Gold Watch Records.


‘anywhere you go’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Picture this: two people meet in small town northern Ontario on a Saturday night as summer is coming to end. A chance encounter that eventually will define the narrative of the rest of their lives. That is both the story that runs through the debut record Small Town Saturday by Summersets, and also how the new duo’s members, Kalle Mattson and Andrew Sowka, met growing up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The Juno & Polaris Prize nominated Mattson began writing Small Town Saturday to play out like a series of vignettes, each one exploring a different moment in time between two characters, from the first time they meet until one passes away. “I was really interested in telling the story of a relationship across a collection of songs. Changing perspectives & spanning milestones, both big and small, over the course of a lifetime” says Mattson. The end result is a sunny and often upbeat record that is highlighted by Sowka’s melodic harmonies & taking inspiration from the warm lush sound of late-60s early-70s singer-songwriters. Small Town Saturday acts as the first chapter in a three-part album, just the beginning of the story for these two characters, and for summersets.

[Photo credits: Kathy Clark]

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis