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In memory of John Prine

Slow Dress



Press Notes:

The song title refers to an amalgamation of all the experiences of one’s life,” says singer Katie Solomon. “I had this idea that what if when you die, you just relive all of the experiences you’ve had over and over and that’s what death is. I was thinking about all the ways people numb themselves by shopping, taking drugs, and just doing the same repetitive things… I don’t want to be a zombie plodding through life like that. I don’t want to die wishing I had lived more fully.

Buffalo Rose

‘I Feel So Good’


Press Notes:

Buffalo Rose is a modern folk group whose unique string & harmony-based arrangements have captivated audiences across the country. Featuring three prominent singers and layers of string instruments, their sharp sense of rhythmic experimentation and evocative, storytelling lyricism come together for a sound with both shimmer and punch. Since their formation in 2016, the band has shared the stage with national touring acts such as the Infamous Stringdusters, Pokey LaFarge, and Tyler Childers and have received acclaim from NPR’s All Songs Considered for their Tiny Desk Contest Submission. In September 2019, they signed a two record deal with Misra Records, their first of which ‘Big Stampede’ was released in the following November, with another to be released in 2020.


‘When You Coming Home’

[folk rock]

Press Notes:

Ruark and his band are from South Arkansas. Their music consists of engaging original songs. The band’s influenced by folk rock with dashes of every other genre one could imagine. Their first album is called When You Coming Home. The members of the band are Ruark on guitar and vocals, Alexa Joyce on bass and backing vocals, and Jeff Greer on drums.

Gone Gone Beyond

‘Little Moon’

[electro folk]

Press Notes:

Gone Gone Beyond, the electro-folk “supergroup” assembled by producer David Block, a.k.a The Human Experience, released their first full length album “Things Are Changing,” March 29th across all platforms. Sitting somewhere between Massive Attack, Mumford and Sons, and James Blake, the band’s sound has been described as “mesmerizing future folk” (Consequence of Sound) and is constantly pushing the boundaries of blending folk, soul, and world music.


‘Battle With Evil’ 

[indie folk/indie pop]

Press Notes:

”Hey, my Mom just started a band do you want to join?”

You got your Hansons, Jonas Brothers and Bee Gees but also Beach Boys and Haim. Different genres but all bands made up by family members. Vildirheart is such a band formed in 2011 in suburban Stockholm, Sweden.

In despite of prevailing norms Vildirheart embraced the idea of the so often smeared family band. So even though Vidirheart’s music is Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Of Monsters And Men and Kings of Convenience the answer to the above question was yes.

Guitarist Joakim Wingenblixt accepted Fredrik Dietrichson’s invitation to join his mom’s band. And they set out to conquer the world one geek a the time, because wist and turn – being in your mom’s band is not the best way to pick up girls And this is what make the idea of VildirHeart so interesting Can we look past appearance and listen to the music without prejudice?

The Woolverstones

‘A Song for Harlequins’

[progressive folk]

Press Notes:

The Woolverstones are a progressive folk band with the following members: Chris S., Jonny Jane, Jack Patching and Lou Tanworth. The band formed at the end of 2019. Each member brings an eclectic and varied musical background and inspiration to the table but all share their love of Folk music. The band are particularly enthused by the music from the period of the 60’s and 70’s. The Woolverstones make music that creates a unique and distinctive vibe and aims to connect with people on a soulful level, using strong melodic elements and an organic approach to recording. Experimentation and improvisation is also important for the band when they work together.

Juni Habel

‘Frightened Hearts’


Press Notes:

Once in a while, artists equipped solely with an acoustic guitar and their own voice, can catch you completely by surprise. You might be familiar with the tools, but despite that, the sound coming out of the speakers can be something singular.

Juni’s folk tunes takes inspiration from other artists who have great success creating less-is-more art, like Joni Mitchell, Jessica Pratt and Joanna Newsom. The warm, somber vocals weave well together with the atmospheric, spellbinding guitar play.

Kerin Maguire

‘Kiwi Green’

[indie folk/indie pop]

Press Notes:

Twenty-four-year-old Kerin Maguire is an indie-folk/ alternative singer-songwriter from Philadelphia. A self-taught musician, she began playing guitar and writing lyrics at the age of ten. Her music is influenced by personal experiences and the trials and tribulations of life. Kerin’s appreciation of the literary arts drives her to create heartfelt, original music. She is often described as having a “unique,” soulful voice. Kerin varies her musical sound, playing a variety of instruments including electric guitar, bass, and drums. She produces songs that are thoughtful and credits many artists such as Brandi Carlile, Julien Baker, and Regina Spektor as influences.

Steve Baskin

‘Big Wedding, Small Divorce’


Press Notes:

The magic lies in the grooves of humanistic timing, feeling, vibe and eye contact from across the studio. . . and when that magic reveals itself, it’s the take that makes you shout out loud, “that shit was real!” In this overly processed and manipulated world that is infused with technology, it can be refreshing to hear an album full of experience, warmth and personality. “The lesson for me from Mind Your Step was that I knew that whatever was going to wind up on tape was going to be what we played and sang live.” As Steve Baskin continues his musical expedition, fans can expect these gems from Mind Your Step to work themselves into the set list.

The Innocent Bystanders

‘Call of the Wild’

[americana/roots rock/soul]

Press Notes:

Roots rockers with touches of mid-60s Stax Records, Northern Soul, and 90s Ska. Their influences trace back to Jackie Wilson, Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes, Buck-O-Nine, and The Revivalists. They’ve been called Alabama Shakes with a saxophone.

Their lyrics tell wide-ranging stories of love, loss, hope, and the innocence and wisdom that enable us to right through the storm to the other side. These guys have been making rock & soul matter again since their first EP, Attractive Nuisance, came out in 2017. In 2018, they covered the Zutons’ Valerie.

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis