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Karen Jonas

‘Rock the Boat’


Press Notes:

Americana/Alt-Country songwriter Karen Jonas knows how to tell a story. Her new album The Restless (3.3) is a dreamy, dark, confessional, hopelessly romantic collection of love songs, but not for the faint of heart. The Boot described the first single Rock the Boat as “a gothic swirl of liberation and possible menace.” With “vocals that twist and snap with tension and emotional depth” and a dynamic band, it’s no wonder Karen is turning heads all around the world (Country Music People, U.K.). Flanked by her longtime guitarist the inimitable Tim Bray, bassist Seth Morrissey and Seth Brown on drums, she dazzles with energy that showcases their nine-year touring chemistry and the true joy of their art. Karen has released five full-length records and is a three-time Wammie (Washington Area Music) Award winner for Best Country and Americana Artist, Mid Atlantic Song Contest winner, Ameripolitan Award nominee, and official SXSW and UK Americanafest Showcasing Artist. As Parklife Mag DC put it, “the voice of country music in the DMV is a big, bright voice that belongs to Virginia native Karen Jonas

Sylvan Weekends


[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Sylvan Weekends arose/began/was set in motion after a night of legend. Three friends with three varied musical backgrounds went to a rustic cabin in the woods to spend a night off-grid. They took some candles, some wine, some instruments (including a creepy mini piano – how else can a pianist join in?) and played and chatted all night; they compared favourite bands, shared stories and ideas – and realised that their musical loves overlapped in a unique and complimentary way. The result was the launch of a brand new sound that melded their passions – and a name that tied them to where it all began.

Sylvan Weekends brings together Matthew (folk), Freya (instrumental-electro) & Daniel (rock). Unified vocals from co-writers Matthew & Freya lend a nostalgic feel – one octave up resonates at twice the frequency and both voices together cut through with emotional resonance. The addition of synths and clever percussion drive the songs and make you move.

Real ones

‘The Feeling’

[indie folk/folk rock]

Press Notes:

Known as a fantastic live band and one of the most original bands in Norway, going for 28 years, with 12 albums, 4 EP’s, 2 Spellemenn (Norwegian Grammy Awards) and over 1000 concerts in 15 countries on 3 continents later, these 5 childhood friends are ready for new adventures. Real Ones continue to see smiling and dedicated audiences wherever they play: From Svalbard to Yukon to Shanghai to Mumbai to Brussels to New York, Real Ones continue to grow new audiences globally with new music and new places to tour.

Real Ones are: David Chelsom Vogt – violin, vocals, keyboards, Ivar Chelsom Vogt – guitar, vocals, keyboards, Jørgen Sandvik – guitar, vocals, sitar, banjo, Øystein Skjælaaen – bass, backing vocals, Kåre Opheim – drums, backing vocals.

The band was formed in Bergen Norway 1994, starting out as a traditional folk music band. A constant search for new sounds and new ways has transformed the band into one of Norway’s most unique and experimental bands within the genres of folk, pop and rock, with clear inspiration from world music and from modern electronic music. Real Ones are childhood friends from Bergen who have developed their musical skills and sound together. They have always been critically acclaimed and warmly received by audiences across the world. Whether in a small church in Northern Canada, in front of thousands of people in China, at a cricket club in Kolkata, at folk and jazz festivals, or at hipster clubs in London, Real Ones always has an exceptional ability to enthuse their audiences. The crowds love them for their original and unique music, but also because it reflects a number of styles and traditions, and because their live performance is stellar. On their many tours Real Ones have played at places such as The Bowery Ballroom (New York), SXSW (Austin, Texas), World Expo (Shanghai), Congo Square (Kolkata), Dranouter Festival (Belgium), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Gent Fest (Belgium), Vancouver Folk Festival (Canada), Go North (Aberdeen, Scotland) Øya, Norwegian Wood, Nattjazz (Norway), Blue North Music Festival (Iceland), Comox Festival (Canada), Eurosonic (Netherlands).

Mark Colgan

‘Won’t You Say’


Press Notes:

10 years later, England had become the hub of world youth culture and music and Mark was playing in London Folk Clubs like ‘Bunjies’ on Great Litchfield Street (where Bert Jansch was the resident singer), ‘Les Cousins’ in Soho where Alexis Korner and Al Stewart were regular performers and The Roundhouse in Chalk Farm, which from 1966 hosted everyone from The Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck, The Yardbirds and David Bowie, to Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin.

Mark was greatly influenced by folk guitarists John Renbourn and Bert Jansch (the founders of Pentangle) and others appearing in the Clubs at that time, such as Davy Graham and Nic Jones. These same players also influenced everyone from Jimmy Page, Mike Oldfield and Donovan, to Neil Young.

Mark often played on the same show with artists such as Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens and Long John Baldry. He played a mix of traditional English Folk music and his own original songs.

Soon after, Mark came to the attention of Roger Cook – lead singer of Blue Mink and one part of renowned songwriting duo Cook and Greenaway. This pair wrote hits like ‘Melting Pot’ and Bannerman’ for Blue Mink, but also the classics ‘Gasoline Alley Bred’ and ‘Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress’ for The Hollies. In fact, Cook has written hundreds of songs for a host of other artists and remains the only English songwriter to be inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York.


‘Life Is A Highway’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

London-based singer-songwriter Jewelia creates her own flavour of pop, centred around her recognisable vocals, lyrical charisma and memorable melodies. Jewelia’s self-produced music has garnered a warm welcome from listeners, with over 1.2 million views on her YouTube channel and a consistent 20,000 monthly listeners over the last couple of years.

She has also been featured on RISING: Pop on TIDAL as well as Spotify’s Chill Pop Hits and New Music Friday UK and New Music Friday Romania editorial playlists. Previous supporters include CLOUT, Loud Women, Amazing Radio’s Charlie Ashcroft, BBC Radio Kent’s Leo Ulph and BBC Introducing’s Abbie McCarthy to name a few.



[dark country/gothic americana]

Press Notes:

Nickelas Smokey Johnson (Field+Stream) is a musician and multidisciplinary artist from the Northern forests of Alberta, Canada. Drawing from western folk traditions and the avant garde, he creates a kind of gothic country music defined by Edmonton Journal as “a claustrophobic yet cinematic expression of prairie life, of potential threats, of existential discontent.”

Alic Ward

‘A Glimpse of the Past’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter/indie rock]

Press Notes:

Alic Ward is an alternative folk artist and songwriter based in Vancouver, BC. His songs combine the intimacy of modern Americana with the adventurous nature of early 2000’s alternative rock. Alic Ward establishes himself as an artist with an ear for alluring melodies and rich tones. His sound is temperate, spacious, and reminds us of the indie-folk canvasses of Connor J O’Brien and Dallas Green. Alic’s soft tenor voice has an absorbing quality, produced by subtle, precarious fluctuations that taunt the boundaries of breaking up without crossing over. Recorded by WCMA-nominated engineer and producer Andy Schichter at Park Sound Studio. The song “Changes” if full of concise hooks, purposeful arrangements, and a sound that is at once nostalgic and modern, gentle and assertive. It’s a love song written nearly 20 years prior—reworked, reformed, and revitalized. The production showcases a weave of infectious vocal melodies, rolling drums, and tasteful guitars, all in support of a memorable chorus. “A Glimpse of the Past,” also recorded at Park Sound Studio, features a strong vocal performance and pensive lyrics, punctuated by an ensemble of spacious guitars, roomy drums, and a mix of subtle synths. The song is about letting go of the pain brought on by losing a loved one. In Alic’s case, this shift came after weeks of feverish nightmares when his friend finally approached him in a dream to say goodbye.


‘Hesitate’ (feat. OSKA)

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

HAZLETT; a brand of ballroom folk and vast nostalgia to fill your heart but let you cry. Born in Australia, bloomed in Sweden, this modern day nomad has been earning a place in punters’ hearts with his rare live appearances and fondness of a story. From his debut ‘Honey, Where Is My Home’ to the dream-induced follow-up ‘Thundering Hopes’ Hazlett has an affinity for dancing the line of “my life is a mess” to “everything happens for a reason” and making you feel a part of it all. With a full length LP on the way and plans to take the stage again, it’s becoming clear Hazlett is weaving his way to something bigger.

Yellow Shoots

‘Pinning Paradise’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Philadelphia-bred multi-instrumentalist and producer, yellow shoots (gregory matthews) is a musical polymath and alt-soul force informed by life and the chromatic sensory experience of synesthesia. specializing in a hybridized sound that melds r&b, rock, psychedelia and alternative soul, yellow shoots brings an invigorating presence to the stage that has been described as “uniquely dark and groovy.” leading with immense swagger as one of brooklyn’s most eclectic producer/songwriters, he lends the electricity coursing through his veins to a catalog of ambitious recordings guided by the beat of the heart on his sleeve.

The Hello Darlins

‘Better Days’ (Feat. Dave Fenley)


Press Notes:

The Hello Darlins is an award winning collective of artists and special guests. Led by Mike Little, Murray Pulver, Candace Lacina and a powerhouse cast, the band combines all of their skills and influences to forge a distinct hybrid of country, gospel and blues like no other. Their work with artists includes a list that ranges from Shania Twain, The Crashtest Dummies, as well as the late B.B. King and more.

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Compiled by: Christos Doukakis