VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Macro/micro – Wrong Turn

A 7+ minute, dark techno/idm odyssey from Macro/micro‘s recently released stunning 5-track album ‘Things Will Never Be The Same Again‘…

The Big Pink – Love Spins On Its Axis (featuring Dust In The Sunlight)

The Big Pink recently returned in top form with a glorious, alternative rock anthem featuring British duo Dust In The Sunlight…

Ed Roman – I Have a Dream

Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Ed Roman’s ‘I Have a Dream’ is an alluring acoustic, folk ballad with intimate vocals and some addictive nostalgia… 

Ghosts of Torrez – The Place

‘The Place’ is astunning sample of Ghosts of Torrez’s forthcoming LP ‘Pumphouse of Broken Dreams’. An outer, psych, goth, post rock mixture with a creepy “Ring”- alike visualizer… 

sweethearts – the handling of a horse

A grunge pop ear-candy by the British outfit sweethearts, whose title was influenced by Daniel Johnston’s ‘Walking the Cow’… If you love early-era Pixies, this one is unmissable!

Hailing Ishimura – If You Get This Follow Our Beacon

Southeastern Virginia sci-fi, post rock outift Hailing Ishimura recently gifted us with an alluring blend of post rock with ear-melting electro-pop elements… Utterly unique, melodious and adorable music for open-minded listeners!

The Insomniak – They Say

What we love most about The Insomniak is that they deal with the most important subjects, with tons of positivity, they are not afraid to sound cathcy and they rap like there’s no tomorrow… Embrace life, and a “never forget to follow your heart” anthem!

Diane Arkenstone & David Arkenstone – If a Heart Could Speak

Diane Arkenstone & David Arkenstone both love Celtic history, myths and magic, and ‘If a Heart Could Speak’ is among the most remarkable compositions from their ‘Avalon: Between Earth and Sky’ album, a pure cinematic, crossover classical masterpiece of immense lyricism and divine melodies… On endless repeat!

AUDG – World’s End

The debut single by the indie artist from Brooklyn, AUDG, is a spotless lo-fi, indie folk with dream pop elements treasure, with heartwarming vocals and breezy melodies… Now that’s a magnificent start!

Forgetmyname – High

The synth pop project of singer-songwriter Nicole Morales’ Forgetmyname recenyly released ‘High’, a bittersweet synth/dream pop ear-candy with an effortless cathcy, sing-along chorus!

Christos Doukakis