VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

The Cabaret Quicksand – The Light Returns to Shine

A great, straightforward, alternative rock treat by the Canadian band The Cabaret Quicksand, which according to Craig Rewbury, “is about the rollercoaster ride of feelings and emotion we’ve had/have or will have during some of these dark days our world has been experiencing lately. The positive is that we’ll get through it and exist stronger than ever”.

Jaguar Purrs – Something Human

Atlanta-based lo-fi rock outfit Jaguar Purrs’ ‘Something Human’ is an a la Velvet Underground, dream pop track with a lovely, emotive chorus. Among their most vulnerable tracks, and it’s spotless, leaving us “eager for more”!

Lolita Terrorist Sounds – Prison Song

Lolita Terrorist Sounds’ debut studio single ‘Prison Song’ is a bizarre audiovisual experience, and a highly artistic on, honouring Berlin’s artistic heritage. Lo-fi, dada-istic post punk with intense no wave elements and an  absorbing video featuring bandleader/founder Maurizio Vitale as an androgyne tormented character imprisoned in a dark cell.

Softie – Can I Be You

An obsessive slowcore gem, or maybe “sadcore” (whatever!), like Sonic Youth in slo-mo jamming with 90s underdogs Duster. Not for everyone, definitely for Last Day Deaf!

Secret of Elements – Grace

An otherworldly blend of ethereal, cinematic, neoclassical & electronica that will transfer to another, planetary system full of tranquillity and calmness… To dream on! 

DUB ZOO – Feel Me

Australian genre-bending project DUB ZOO returns with its latest single full of lush, dub soundscapes, fairy-like vocals, psych flavour and jazztronica explorations!

NO MONEY KIDS – Dear Friend

‘Dear Friend’ is taken from the French NO MONEY KIDS’s recently released album ‘Factory’, and it’s a superb, intimate indie rock, unleashing nostalgia in its single second! 

Tapedeck 45 – Johnny, How Could You?

Scottish indie-rock band Tapedeck 45’s current release is the anthemic lead single ‘Johnny, How Could You?’ from their debut album! Ultra catchy and full of positive vibes!

Freedom Fry – Ego Trip

 ‘Ego Trip’ is from Freedom Fry’s recent EP ‘Broken Down on Planet 909’, which was heavily inspired by some of the band’s favorite David Bowie songs (“Star Man,” “Space Oddity”), and it’s a lovely, indie pop ear-candy filled with glitter!

Langside – On the Other Side

A powerful chamber folk track with stunning vocals by Langside’s debut, -break up- album! Emotive and touching stuff! 

Christos Doukakis