VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

IMSOXX – when can i love you?

What we love most about IMSOXX’s ‘when can i love you?’ is the distinctive, gentle, melancholic vibe and the ideal balance between emo rap and alt pop. It’s a sublime gem, we may all relate one way or another and destined for repeated listening!

Dez Dare – They Scream, My Head Is So Full I Can’t Dream

How would DEVO sound if they started their career in 2022? The answer lies on the latest, stunning synth-punk dynamite by Dez Dare! The best taster of what to expect from the artist’s forthcoming album ‘Ulysses Trash’ out on August 19th 2022…

Argy (UK) – The Dizko

Out on the Berlin label WHIPBASS, ‘The Dizko’ is a volcanic, groove techno opus ideal for the wildest, u/g, techno parties! 

HAOO – Rewire Your Brain

‘Rewire Your Brain’ is a mong the sweetest electro pop candies, we’ve experienced in a while by American artist HAOO, “about wanting to make a change of your current situation by changing the way you think…” Ear-melting melodies! 

Henry James – MMT

Heavily inspired by Tower of Power’s 40th anniversary gig, Henry James recently released this  jazz-funk beast, with stunning guitar, bass and a killer sax that will leave you begging for some more… Electrocution! 

Anjalts  – Calling Out

Anjalts’ ‘Calling Out’ is a spine-chilling, ethereal pop gem, with fairy-like vocals, and divine, melancholic vibes…. A hauntingly unforgettable experience, in its very own, unique universe! “…Tonight is all we have…” 

Orochen – Black Snow

Gothenburg-based band Orochen is an act we have featured quite a few times in the recent past, and the opening magnum opus ‘Black Snow’ from their debut album, couldn’t have been the exception to the rule. Anthemic post r=metal with dynamic vocals, and larger than life melodies, that all together result in an unforgettable experience…

Stafrænn Hákon – The Item

Icelandic experimental, post rock veterans Stafrænn Hákon, recently released their ‘Awake’ album, and ‘The Item’ is among the stand-out tracks, an authoritative blend of post rock with shoegaze and a few gigantic riffs that will blow your speakers to pieces! 

ANSWERS – II – Children of the Flowers

ANSWERS is a quintet from Orlando, FL, and ‘II – Children of the Flowers’ is an out-of-the-box progressive rock with plenty of psychedelia and a healthy amount of improvisation, composition, taken from ‘A New Path to Touch the Earth’  which was mixed and mastered by the living legend John McEntire, of Tortoise…. His spirit is more than vivid in this treasure! 

AHO – See Swallows Play

The brainchild of Helsinki producer Matti Ahopelto, AHO, returned with his brand new album ‘Odyssey’, and ‘See Swallows Play’, a kaleidoscopic, downtempo delicacy, totally explains why Four Tet and Caribou are among his best fans!

Christos Doukakis