VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Swimsuit Issue – The End

Melancholic indie rock by Aussie dudes Swimsuit Issue… Is this the end?

John MOuse – Le Pigeon

Lead single off John MOuse’s just release, latest album… Edgy, Devo-esque & infectious!

JJS – Profiteroles

What if Front 242 had more humor? JJS is the answer!

Will Sea – Say It

Debut single! An addictive melodic techno/house treat for the “lost” summer…

Exenye – Konvergenz

Uplifting to the heavens melodic techno/house by German Exeneye

Yukon Blonde – Get Precious

An eclectic indie rock gem in the vein of The Black Keys…

Corvax – Pills

Nine Inch Nails is a major influence, however this track reminded us of great Brainiac!

Brutalist – South Street

Melbourne-based duo Brutalist are back in action! And it’s for good! Lucid dreams…

Can Guru? – God Bless America (Extended Version)

The absolute techno/electronica anthem of 2020 after 1.10 mark… 101% addiction!

Pynch – Somebody Else

A post punk/lo-fi rock blend by new brit darlings Pynch…  

Christos Doukakis