VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Lucy Dreams – Experiencer

Vienna based sci-fi pop trio Lucy Dreams’ ‘Experiencer’ is a compelling blend of indie with dream pop with alluring vocals, while according to the band they “tried to explore this intersection by presenting what they created right there, at the portal between reality and virtuality”.

Kisskadee – Brother

The maximalist project of multi-instrumentalist Kasie Shahbaz, Kisskadee, recently dropped the first single ‘Brother’ from upcoming album, a transcendent ear-candy full of indie-psych bliss!

Nick & The Mirrors – Nothing But The Truth (And I’m Good)

French project Nick & The Mirrors’ ‘Nothing But The Truth (And I’m Good)’ is a spotless, indie folk/pop diamond with addictive melody and beautiful vocals, and it’s incredibly catchy, destined for the “repeat button”…  Nostalgia is the right word!

Samiyyah – Insane

18 y.o. Samiyyah recently released her debut EP ‘Insane’, and the self-titled song is a remarkable neo soul/contemporary r&b, with a sensational vocal performance, we are unable to resist…

ATMIG – Avec Muscles (featuring Hobey Echlin)

Michigan indie-rock band, ATMIG’s ‘Avec Muscles’ is the title track from their just released album, an atmospheric indie rock with shoegaze sensitivity, poignant lyrics and a great accompanying video!

Tomasz Betka – Autumn

Polish Composer, pianist and music producer Tomasz Betka’s ‘Autumn’ is a splendid, and highly cinematic, piano piece from his four seasons piano solo impressions…

Fizzy beard – La petite fleur aux yeux bleus

‘La petite fleur aux yeux bleus’ by the Swiss project Fizzy Beard, is an audiovisual masterpiece of expressionistic grace, in which “beauty, nature and art” join forces for the timeless….

Anton Kling – You

Another stunning release by Swedish electronic magician Anton Kling, a luscious melodic techno treat, with intense atmospherics and dazzling synth work!

Federico Ferrandina – Three Red Drops

The opening composition from Federico Ferrandina’s ‘Biancaneve (Original Theater Soundtrack)’ is a ravishing piece with divine melodies and almost “crying” strings… Warm, melancholic, atmospheric and with a remarkable, hair-raising climax!

Edward Newell & Esgazette – A Bandstand Romance

‘A Bandstand Romance’ is taken from the collaborative album by Edward Newell & Esgazette, a highly cinematic blend of neoclassical and experimental electronic of religious grace!

Christos Doukakis