VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Will Pope – Semi Automatic

An impeccable blend of folk, indie pop and soul, with vulnerable vocals and intimate melodies by the British artist Will Pope will leave you begging for some more…. 

Jerry Spoon and Ben & Vincent – Gole Sahra

Swiss electronic music producer, sound engineer and owner of Studio Voisier Jerry Spoon recently teamed up with the Iranian, German-based artist Ben & Vincent and the result is a stunning organic house treat with alluring Middle Eastern vibe that will transfer the listener to the most idyllic desert where the most bizarre plants blossom….

The Fires Below – Out to Destroy

The second single by London-based The Fires Below is a furious post punk/noise rock/alternative rcok hybrid with authoritative vocals and massive riffs. Turn this beast up loud!. 

Justice Cow – Read the Room

Lovely indie pop with sugar-coated vocals by Justice Cow, dealing with “the memories about her dad after he passed and the complicated missing and not missing him.” Great stuff!

Harry Katz and the Pistachios – OH YES!

Hope you are ready for some rock n’ roll vibes ’cause Harry Katz and the Pistachios’ ‘OH YES!’ is the ultimate spin! This gem is taken from their recently released album ‘Scared Of Romance’…. 


Poetic indie folk with fairy-like vocals, and divine melodies, and a majestic visualizer by the great French brother and sister duo Camille & Robin Faure, aka BLACK LILYS…

Pink Milk – River of Glass

Pink Milk go romantic with their alluring, dream pop balad ‘River of Glass’ that will remind to some of us how it feels like to fall in love… But, on a David Lynch set! Twisted romance!

Legends of the Seven Golden Vampires – Autumn Fall

Legends of the Seven Golden Vampires’ ‘Autumn Fall’ genuinely combine 90s trip-hop, addictive indie pop with a distinctive slice of funk, all warpped up with tons of attitude. Out on Hertfordshire, UK based Prank Monkey Records…

 [man among men] – The Distance

Art derived from pain & loss…On eof the most memorable track of 2022 comes from Phoenix, Arizona and the project [man among men]. A grunge/alternative rock magnum opus far from any kind trend or hype… But, pretty close to our hearts!

Ketamine Kow – Shoe Shopping

The best was saved for last? Well, Ketamine Kow create rwa, unpolished, chaotic, post punk destined for the “fucked up” (forgive my French!) youths and ‘Shoe Shopping’ is a great sample of their noise. Defining 2022!

Christos Doukakis