VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Evan Melada – Dark Disco

A psych pop/’wave’ masterpiece with an emotive vocal performance by Evan Melada accompanied by a great video. A must for 2021

Graveltooth – Where Do Your Wants Come From?

Greg Clifford (drum kit) from White Denim joins forcec with Graveltooth to deliver the bluesy, neo-psychedelic, freak-out jam ‘Where Do Your Wants Come From?’

Stephen Hamm: The Theremin Man – Valentina

An ode to Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova – the first (and youngest) woman to have flown in space with a solo mission. A psychedelic, new wave gem by the legendary Vancouver music man Stephen Hamm

McDead – Rolling High And Dry

Lo-Fi sea-drone high and tight original bone-dry post-punk rocknroll mix and master by McDead, from the self-titled McDEAD album studio sessions. A raw listening experience far from any trend!

Treebeard – Pollen

Treebeard’s ‘Pollen’ is an 8+ minute journey, a genuine balance between post metal, ethereal and ambient soundscapes… It’s music for the end of the world, evoking the kind of emotions fitting to such an event, including reflection, melancholia and fear

Antidote – Real Deal

Pine Hill Records recently announced a double cassette reissue of NYHC classics: Urban Waste & Antidote. Antidote’s ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ EP from 1983, is a classic staple NYHC release that went on to influence many in the world of punk, hardcore and metal

Pink Milk – Blue Eyes (River of Glass)

The first story from the collection of dark tales found on the upcoming album by Swedish Pink Milk. The single is an 80’s inspired reverb-filled ballad about not getting the one you want. A stunning, emotional lava

Le Days – Red Little Hands (Only You Know)

A haunting vocal performance by Le Days, in this slowcore, lo-fi folk masterpiece for those who can endure! From Sweden, one of 2021’s definitive releases

Eric Hilton – Who are You?

 Thievery Corporation Co-Founder Eric Hilton’s first single from forthcoming new album, ‘Ceremony’, is a smooth downtempo treat of interstellar psychedelia and jazztronica aesthetics….

Wave Point – In The Moment

The fresh house project from Bryan Jones (formerly of Golf Clap & Country Club Disco) in Detroit, recently released a deep house banger,- an instant summer anthem-, from upcoming album ‘Higher Dimension’

Christos Doukakis