VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Freedom Shapes – Tulips

An admirable, alt-jazz-experimental extravaganza ideal for any sound explorer by one-man act Freedom Shapes

Pjpoppy – Private Island

Breezy summer vibes by Pjpoppy and his ace indie r&b treat…

Kyle Alexander Reid – The Hill

Another lo-fi rock addiction by Kyle Alexander Reid and precious, since all of the Bandcamp’s proceeds will go to the Sweet Relief Musician Fund

LOVVS – King City, Pt. 1

Stunning dark pop with stunning driving synth & a catchy chorus to dance with,,,

Hans Arnold – Hausmusik (live)

Ambient jazz at its best by drummer, composer, piano builder from Leipzig Hans Arnold, off his debut EP ‘Cycle’

Nick Pynn – Frank

Experimental folk with eerie melodies and one of the most addictive spoken word performances in quite a while, by Nick Pynn

Arther Blue – Wet Shoe

The latest single by Arther Blue is an ear-melting indie folk ballad, overflowing nostalgia…

“…we can stand close, or we can wash away…”

Scandroid – Nighttime

80s post punk with electro industrial influences…. Breaking the “waves” with Scandroid 

Missing Words – Lost Sight

Missed the nightdrives in this lockdown period? Thats ok, Missing Words’ latest synthwave/synth-pop treasure ‘Lost Sight’ may very well be the best placebo…

Zayy – Splaat

Competent, clean rapping by up-and-coming hip hop artist Zayy and his extremely tight & stylish song ‘Splaat’

Christos Doukakis