VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Kafar Myers – True 2 Self

More than promising Kafar Myers gifts us with a cathartic, soulful hip-hop tune  

Emmrose – Five Months

A splendid indie pop journey of heartbreak and mistakes

The Last Days of Our Past – Fading Memories

A priceless, ambient/neoclassical and post-rock ‘bijou’

Spiral Mischief – Under The Weather

A chill murder ballad shot on noir b&w

Scenius – Glass Rain

An imposing synth-pop, ala Depeche Mode song 

Caleb Joseph – geese

“Xiu Xiu drink coffee with Pavement” in this outstanding experimental lo-fi extravaganza

Paul Ma$$on – Ashes 2 Dust (feat Phantasm & Stranga The Great)

Old-school hip-hop with competent rapping

Solkyri – Potemkin

Explosive post-rock with divine riffs justifying its title

Rx27 – Welcome to Sick City

A tale of a sick city by alt-rockers Rx27 featuring Rikk Agnew 

pej – Cerrebulous

A first-rate debut single sountracking the current dystopia

Christos Doukakis