VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Glass Echoes – Every Beat Is A Rhythm We Need

A love letter to humanity, a heart-wrenching indie-folk collaboration between Chris Bartels (Elskavon, Bora York) and Ben Noble. Dream folk at its optimum by Glass Echoes

High Pines – Be Modern (We’re Not the Same)

1950s rock n roll beat. heavy pounding bass with atmospheric guitars and soothing vocals. Think of Suicide, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Can, Radiohead, Section 25… An outstanding sample of Brooklyn’s High Pines’ artistry 

Reveree – Birthday Boy

Somewhere between chamber pop and experimental fields, by Berliner, singer-songwriter of the somber kind, Reveree

Darkov Strange – 0

Channeling elements of darkwave and industrial rock, Estonian artist Darkov Strange, is more than ideal fit for an dark wave/post punk/gothic, current collection. On endless repeat

Wave Point – Higher Dimension

Wave Point is a house project from Bryan Jones (formerly of Golf Clap & Country Club Disco), made in Detroit!

Anomic Soul – Believe

Are you (still) missing Adrian Borland and The Sound? No worries, Anomic Soul’s is 2021’s ‘Missiles’

Plexiq – Burn Like Fire – Radio Edit

German experimental electro band from Hamburg, Plexiq are back in action, after a long while, with a hallucinatory, kraut treat, a first taster from  forthcoming new album titled ‘4’

Jamie Rhodes – Judith

With a great vocal performance, bringing in mind living legend Nick Cave, British citizen Jamie Rhodes delivers one of the most intense indie folk songs of 2021… A pure slow-burner that unfolds its impeccable beauty after 2.20 mark…

Boy Harsher – Close Your Eyes

 Last Day Deaf’s darlings are back: Interview in 2017, best album of 2019, and back to today an astonishing Exploration in Analog Synthesis

Bar$ – Trippin

‘Trippin’ is the debut single for Bar$, formerly known as True Bars on MTV, The Carolina Music Awards and more… Competent, soulful rapping, ace flow and highly  engaging vibes… Cannot ask for more really!  

Christos Doukakis