VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

sycloner – Home

A post punk/indie rock blend by Aussie band sycloner, about the dual realities of the place we call Home – a complex interplay of comfort and challenge, and influenced by the likes of Sleaford Mods, Bowie, and The Cure

June Gluum – Let You Go

A transcendent indie pop track with eerie, dream pop vibes to get lost into its unique universe!

Michael Donoghue – Landing – Single Version

A 6-minute, acid tinged, minimal techno/electronica opus that’ll either get you dancing or chill you out, by Brit citizen Michael Donoghue

Kodomo – Pink Clouds

The first single from the upcoming Kodomo album, featuring a remix from The Sight Below. The songs takes its inspiration from the pink light emitted during the peak summer sunsets in Maine, effectively turning the clouds a deep pink color, before disintegrating into shades of red and purple. Stunning idm treat!

Fern Murphy – Go For It

A bittersweet shoegaze song off Indianapolis-based, Shoe Gaze trio, Fern Murphy’s upcoming album, ideal for fans Slowdive!

Fedbo – Vanishing Half

An emotive, indie folk treasure, inspired by the book ”War of Art” from Italian outfit Fedbo is a spine-chilling experience

Henry Blaeser & CoastalDives – Surface

‘Surface’ is a truly dynamic journey, taking listeners from serene, oceanic ambience to a gripping climax, built off the brick-layering of IDM-influenced sounds; a chain reaction ignited by a startling rhythm change-up at the start

Fried Dough – Low Cut

‘Low Cut’ lives in an intimate spoken word inspired, film noir world, and gives way to a deeply lush & reflective synthy chorus

Moroccan Dog – Spring

 Seattle band Moroccan Dog, led by the godson of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and mentored by Bill Rieflin (REM), alternative rock track, ‘Spring’ is part of their debut EP.

The Estevans – Cecily’s Cage

The latest killer alt rock/garage track by The Estevans was recorded with Stephen Street (Blur, The Smiths, Babyshambles, etc)

Christos Doukakis