VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Yammerer – Tell Me What The Ancient Astronaut Theorists Believe

Liverpool’s Yammerer three minutes of calamitous post-punk that clatters and careers its way towards its conclusion, while harboring both bark, and bite, in equal measure

Aaron Taos – I Must Be In Love

The song follows someone working through and ultimately realizing that they are in fact, in love. An indie pop sensation by the usual suspect Aaron Taos

The Reality TV – Dirty Hot

‘Dirty Hot’ brings chorus driven guitar hooks, synth riffs and booming octave bass that’s reminiscent of Manchester’s finest alt indie pop New Order, yet holds a baritone vocal of earlier Joy Division

Desperate Journalist – The Victim

Alt goth darlings Desperate Journalist return with their stunning focus track from their new album ‘Maximum Sorrow’

April Events – I Know

A pure 90s(!) track inspired from Ride’s masterpiece album ‘Carnival of Light’  by Jim Lindsay’s -(known for drumming, recording and touring with Oranger, Spiral Stairs (Pavement), The Preston School Of Industry (Pavement), The Flipsides, Paula Frazer, and The High Water Marks (Apples in Stereo))-.solo project April Events

Greyflood – Act II: Doubt

A slow, soft, and eerie starting post-rock song with intense build ups and explosive crescendos. Unmissable for fans of Explosions in the Sky & This Will Destroy You

Fehlt – Light Porcelain (ft. Boshe)

A kraut-gaze single mastered by Simon Scott of legendary shoegaze outfit Slowdive

Lafin – Nocturne in Black & gold – the failing rocket (J.W 1875)

Lafin is a French, instrumental alternative-rock/electro-experimental solo project, displaying an either rough or depressive atmosphere hammered by heavy drums, and this track is an ideal sample of its artistry

Soul Zimon & His Kozmic Combinations – Wheel of Fortune

 A folk/americana treat influenced atmospheric acoustic song with melodic lead guitars as straight from the dirty swamps

Josh Orange – I FEEL LOVE

Sydney based Josh Orange is one of the most refreshing contemporary alt folk-
rock bands in Australia. The fourth single taken from Josh Orange’s album “Midnight Lights”, as band member Gordon Burke explains the song lyric……’It’s a dedication, a way of paying homage to the sheer beauty of the album “Rrakala” and the impact it had on me personally & spiritually when I first heard it.’

Christos Doukakis