VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

American Wolf – Tidal Waves

Hazy synthwave bedroom pop by faves American Wolf

Golden Plates – Perfect

A bitter song about trying to be perfect to impress someone and inevitably failing and eventually, hopefully, finding some fulfillment within. Bitter, top-quality rock by Golden Plates

Plastic Handgun – The Dark Plaza In My Dreams

Debut single from Toronto based bedroom post punk outfit Plastic Handgun exploring his experience with frightening lucid dreams, and the disconnected feeling he’d experience after waking from them. 

Parvel – Say Something

Fresh band, debut single… Infectious ‘made in Sweden’ indie rock!

NRVS LVRS – Prom Night Blues

An apocalyptic love song, an ear-melting listening, electro pop experience

illexotic – Youphoria

A sultry & sexy, a chill club night tech house song, by American electro-hip-pop duo illexotic… Move it!

DAKO – Rapid Fire

A grime banger by UK artist DAKO

Veople – Tilt

Aussie act Veople unleashes immeasurable amount of energy in their stunning, genre-breaking, track Tilt

The Great Dictators – Riot on a Diet

Copenhagen-based indie folk-rockers The Great Dictators get electronic…

Vega Maestro – Bombardier

A slow burner which evolves into an anthemic rocker by Denver outfit Vega Maestro

Christos Doukakis