VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Mala Sangre – Fear Is Your Only God

A fusion of dark wave, warehouse techno, electro and dark aesthetics by Spanish citizen Daniel Rato and his project Mala Sangre is the rela deal to start with this VITAL series!

Disrupted Being – Devoted

Danish synth-pop is more than alive and kicking in the underground clubs… Copenhagen’s Disrupted Being are among those bands that lead the race and their anthemic single ‘Devoted’ is an instant classic

Vilde – Holograms

“We’re all following some sort of autobiographical narrative, it’s hard to know when it serves as guidance, or when it serves as a hindrance. My narrative began some decades back, and I’m not sure I’d recognise the me who wrote the first chapters.

‘Holograms’ puts down that narrative for a moment.” -Vilde

Another transcendent, indie pop sensation by Aussie project Vilde

TDA – Présence

Montreal’s music entity TDA delivers a dystopic no wave, noise, dark electro opus like early-era  Swans on LSD….Taken from ‘Ascète’ album out on Michel Records 

Dag Tenere – Tihoussay Tenere

Dag Tenere (“desert’s children” in Tamasheq language) is a band of six Tuareg artists from Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso and are more than capable of creating dope music judging by ‘Tihoussay Tenere’….Heavily influenced by the “assouf” or Tuareg blues style, those who dig Tinariwen, Tamikrest, Tartit, Terakaft they shouldn’t miss those dudes!

Stalled – No. 7

U.S.  band Stalled unleash an experimental-noise rock-shoegaze amalgam with ‘No. 7’, like Unwound jamming with Slowdive! This is the closing track off the band’s latest EP, which also contains a sample from 1959 film Shadows by John Cassavetes… Great stuff!

Heartour – Little Waves

The synth-heavy solo project of The Ruse’s Jason Young, Heartour strikes back with another, smashing synth-pop ear-candy that we just cannot wait to dance with in the next “Batcave” party! Sweet darkness!

Huron Lines – Los and Found

Huron Lines is a Canadian band with a charismatic singer bringing in mind Girls Against Boys’ Scott McCloud, and ‘Lost and Found’ is an anthemic indie rock single with addictive melodies, loud amplifiers and…. “This song is derived from that feeling of being somewhere you don’t want to be but you have to be. Like sitting beside someone in a hospital bed waiting for them to wake up wondering if they ever will. While also wondering if you could have done something to change the situation. The feeling of being totally lost but knowing that there is only one place you can be in that moment.” 


Kai Straw – Bleeding Out in the 415

An alt-r&b ballad about betrayal, survival, hope and vengeance, with some of the most spine-chilling vocals, -and poignant lyrics-, we’ve heard in a while. Music from the soul of a rising star to save our souls… Thank you Kai Straw!

Lake Night – Dust Fall

‘Dust Fall’ is the 2nd track to be taken from the debut EP from British electronic musician Lake Night, an intense mix of broken beats, downtempo and UK garage with ‘weaving electronic polyrhythms, emotive strings and ethereal vocal atmospherics’

Christos Doukakis