If you are interested in getting to know and listen to E.B.M., Industrial Techno, you may check that release by Metropolis Records. Velvet Acid Christ have been making music since 1991 and have developed a name as one of the most interesting and respected acts in the genre. They can shake any dancefloor, of the most demanding clubbers, and they can drive to extremes the most furious crowds in festivals. They can provide industrial harshness, pounding E.B.M. and trippy journeys. They actually do not float in space, navigating the interstellar; they live and create in a dark meta-world. If, on the other hand, you are a fan who misses few songs, Velvet Acid Christ’s ‘Greatest Hits‘ is a good 14-track release for you to order. It will be out on 6th May 2016. Dance!


  1. Slut
  2.  Pretty Toy
  3.  Fun With Drugs
  4.  Ghost In The Circuit
  5. Phucking Phreak
  6. Caustic Disco Mindless Faith Mix
  7. Bend The Sky
  8. Futile Toxic Coma Mix
  9. Crushed
  10. Malfunction
  11. Black Rainbows
  12. Whtswhtk 2013
  13. Lysergia
  14. Icon

Mike Dimitriou