Catherine E. Coulson, perhaps best known as the ‘Log Lady’ on the iconic television series “Twin Peaks” and its prequel film “Fire Walk With Me“, will be the subject of the upcoming Richard Green-directed documentary “I Know Catherine, The Log Lady“. The documentary will cover the life and times of Coulson, who passed away in 2015 at the age of 71. Promising to feature an intimate conversation with “Twin Peaks” director and Log Lady creator, David Lynch, among other interviews, “I Know Catherine” was succesfully funded via Kickstarter. “I think we both knew it was the last time we were going to talk to each other,” Lynch says on Coulson’s final scenes in last year’s “Twin Peaks” revival in the trailer for the doc. Those who donated until June 16th, will be rewarded with eclectic prizes such as: a deluxe coffee table book, previously unreleased music from Johnny Jewel of the Chromatics, Chrysta Bell, and Silencio, as well as online access to “David Lynch Presents: I Don’t Know Jack“, the 2002 documentary on “Eraserhead” star and Coulson’s former husband, Jack Nance. Check out the trailer for “I Know Catherine, The Log Lady’ now on Kickstarter. 

Sarah Medeiros