-c’mon, do it! What are you waiting for?

 -wait, it’s not that easy…

-what are you saying? It is easy, except if you are a sissy!

-stop calling me that. Ok?? I will prove you that I am not a sissy!

-ok, I’m waiting… I’m just waiting! When will you make your move?

-in a moment, don’t be hurry. Just let me think for a while

-there is nothing to think, you sissy! Spread out your hand and grab it! So simple!

-it’s not that simple, not even for you, alright?

-yes, it’s not that simple… for a coward like YOU!

-stop calling me names, you hear me?? Stop calling me names!

-I will only if you …do your move! Otherwise, as you probably know, I will call you names for the rest of your life!

-you wish! You think that I’m a coward, or all the other nonsense names that you’re calling me, eh?

-I see you talking, but I also see you standing still! Do you want to leave? Don’t be afraid, just leave if you want …YOU FAGGOT!

-I said stop calling me names! Now, I will prove you that I have guts, and you will stop calling me what you do.

-“I’m waiting …I’m waiting and you still don’t do anything!” said the face in front of him

-wait, there is people around me. Wait till I find the right time.

– this time you are saying… is it anywhere near this day or maybe anywhere near this century, YOU COWARD???

-stop calling me names!!! Just stop!!! I’m about to prove you that I have guts and that I’m not a coward!

He looked to the left, and then to the right. There were no people around him.

There was sweat now, all over his body, and his hand was shaking, but he did make the move! He spread out his hand and grabbed it! In the blink of an eye, he put his hand in his pocket.

Now he started walking slowly towards the exit, towards (as far as he could see) the light.

It was strange that no one saw how sweaty he was. Or no one noticed that he was shaking. His demand to prove to the face in front of him that he had guts and that he was neither a coward nor a sissy, was strong.

A few steps made, he reached the exit door. He could hear his heart beating fast and loudly. His sweaty hand opened the door. And then, behold the light! Actually, he saw the sun, the sun that had been blinding him for a while.

He started walking.

He was proud for the first time in his life! Now, the face in front of him wouldn’t call him a coward or a sissy or names like that! He broke his limits, what else could he ask for?

But his joy wouldn’t last long. As he was walking, he heard the alarm ringing!

“Fuck”, he said.

And before he said anything else, he saw a police officer running towards you, trying to grab his gun and shouting at him “Freeze!!!”

He actually froze! His world collapsed in a second. Everything was lost now.

He knew now, that he had two choices. The first one was to surrender, do some time in jail, and then …keep having that person in front of him calling him coward for the rest of his life!

The second choice was to try to escape, fighting with the police officer.

He took the second option.

Sadly the fight was too short. The gun fired. He saw his belly. He saw a red spot growing bigger. He realized that in a moment he would be dead. Dead, but …brave!

“Now” (he said) “everyone who will talk about me in the future, will call me (apart from a thief) brave! Not a sissy or a coward! Especially the face in front of him! Yes, the man who was calling him names since he was a kid!!”

He paid a big price losing his life though, but it was a well-deserved honor!

Sadly, he was unlucky too!

Because, just before he closed his eyes forever, he saw a man standing still with his hands up in the air! He saw the thief having been ordered to freeze by the policeman. He wasn’t the guilty one, he was just a man walking free in the street!

His wish to prove his braveness to the face in front of him cost him his life.

And what did he steal?

Just one bubble gum!

Story by: Konstantinos Pamfiliss

Illustration: Nopi Fountoukidou