I won’t chatter much about that very talented musician Anders Trentemøller, he’s well known to you and among the “hottest” names in alternative music for the past few years. His brand new single is ‘Complicated‘ (out since 9th December), taken from his recent ‘Fixion‘ LP, released earlier in 2016.

It’s a very groovy, melodic, alternative new wave (this time) song, with catchy and excellent vocals by Jehnny Beth! The song is provided by a “strange”, interesting video, and you may also read the lyrics (also by J. Beth) below the clip as well as all the people who were involved in the making of it. If you visit his official web page there’s also the story behind the scenario and people…you’ll listen to it more than once, it’s the typical Trentemøller’s guarantee, and tweak up the volume!

Mike Dimitriou