The English pioneering ambient house outfit The Orb are celebrating this year their 30th anniversary of their existence in the electronic music by sharing a new video, ‘Rush Hill Road‘, featuring Hollie Cooke. This is the first preview from the upcoming album ‘No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds‘ which will be released on 22nd of June via Cooking Vinyl.

The Orb were founded in 1988, in London, initially as a duo by Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty (The KLF). Their career started as DJ’s (ambient and dub) for chilling the clubbers who were “high”. As producers they were mostly influenced by Brian Eno and Kraftwerk. Unlike Cauty who decided to serve only The KLF, on the other hand Paterson remains until today and has collaborated with numerous musicians/artists for the project, like Weston (1991-1994), Fehlmann (1995- present, on & offf), Hughes (1995-2001), The Transit Kings (2004-2007).

Eleftheria Gesou