The Mix Bag is a multi-genre playlist featuring 10 fresh, awesome tunes you should get involved with asap!

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis



Alexei Orechin – Stranitsi jazz, neoclassical, experimental

Axel Flóvent Tonight folk, singer-songwriter

Yusan – Chiraj afro jazz

Thirsty Curses Bruises On Your Shoulders americana, indie rock

Adrian Keats – Gotta Get My Life on Track   singer-songwriter, jazz

Don Blanquito – Fast Lane hip-hop

Matt Welch Starfighter Dreaming synth-pop, synthwave

RAVAGES – Métamorphoses (Potochkine Remix)  cold wave

Curt Yagi & The People Standing Behind Me – Bring Back Innocence reggae, pop

High Water Bridge Senescence  alternative rock, progressive rock, psych