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The Mix Bag is a multi-genre playlist featuring 10 fresh, awesome tunes you should get involved with asap!

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis



Serge Bulat – Kalah Folklore feat. Miriam García – world music / electronica / downtempo

Gambo – Proiezioni – cantautori / singer-songwriter

Roadkeeper – Gushers  indie rock

Fun Balloon Animals  It’s Alive!  psychedelic rock / gothic rock / dark wave

Molly Hammar – Shortcuts (I Can’t Wait)  contemporary r&b / commercial pop

Nogu Sveló! – Caramba Mamba  gypsy punk / ska

Another Enigma – How About  EDM

The Whole Bolivian Army – Yellow Line  indie pop

Kinsgborough – Only Light  blues rock / hard rock

Fovndlings – The Quiet Room  indie rock / alternative