1991. Been playing for 2 hours now. The candles flicker and cough as the wax creeps up the wick. Incense burning……Niels pounds on the 2 kettle drums for a few brief moments then returns to his array of horns. A knowing smile creeps across the face of The Silverman as four sets of eyes connect at the same moment. A value moment. And Bob? How to say this……his guitar sprouts angel’s wings and it’s as if this untidy barn is the last refuge for beauty on a crumbling planet. It’s hard not to be romantic ….but that’s the atmosphere that spawned The Maria Dimension – and this is a peep into that special space.


Perhaps it all began on a Sunday morning in a tiny club named Lysverket in Oslo in late 1990. The Dots wanted to give their hosts Casper and Inge a special gift after a magical show the night before so they opted for open-ended improvisation before breakfast and the long drive to somewhere in Sweden. Listen closely, themes will emerge from the exploration which ultimately would be turned into something much bigger.
The rest of Volume 2 is sourced from the same sessions that form the first instalment.Turning the tape recorder off simply was not an option.

MARIA SNAPSHOTS is the digital file for the exclusive final side of the exhaustive “Maria Dimension – The Complete Recordings “ Box set which sold out at Chez Dots long ago (those interested would be advised to check with Soleimoon Recordings to see if one remains in the stock cupboard).