Bing Crosby & David Bowie – ‘Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy’

Chosen by: John Pallas

The xx – ‘Last Christmas (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)’

Chosen by: Makis Gevros

Yello – ‘Jingle Bells’

Chosen by: Thomas Gounaropoulos

August Burns Red – ‘Carol Of The Bells’

Chosen by: Michael Barnett

Coldplay – ‘Christmas Lights’

Chosen by: Eleftheria Gesou

Iggy Pop – ‘White Christmas’

Chosen by: Dimitra Christaki

Korn – ‘Jingle Bells’

Chosen by: Michael Natsis

Electric Jungle – ‘Funky Funky Christmas’

Chosen by: Dimitris Koutoukakis

Greg Lake – ‘I Believe In Father Christmas’

Chosen by: Godfrey MacKrell

Love Spirals Downwards – ‘Welcome Christmas’

Chosen by: Cassandra Lina Wilson

Hurts – ‘All I Want For Christmas Is New Year’s Day’

Chosen by: Sofia Kyrisoglou

‘Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer’ (traditional)

Chosen by: George Agrofylakas

Libera – ‘Carol Of The Bells’

Chosen by: Maria Tampouratzi

-Merry Christmas-