SynthCity is a column, that will feature 5 recent electronic gems, that belong to synthwave, retrowave, darksynth, dreamwave or even vaporwave genres. Get prepared for a space-time journey, and for better results, unbury your rusty AMIGA-500 or AKAI from the cellar…. Press play on tape!


Track: Forest Sky II

Press Quotes: Swedish artist NICKOTEK recently released his dreamwave treasure ‘Forest Sky II’, capturing the unique beauty of the woods of Södermanland…. Lost in his luscious echo chamber!


Artist: Die, Miami, Die!

Track: Cybernautics

Press Quotes: Miami-based producer Die, Miami, Die!’s ‘Cybernautics’ is an impeccable mixture of synthwave, chillwave with finishing retrowave touches! Jaw-dropping sound and vibes!


Artist: Xafran

Track: Running Out of Daylight

Press Quotes: Xafran’s ‘Running Out of Daylight’ is a fine sample of the upcoming EP, a transcendent blend of indie electronic with synthwave & chillwave… “Neon escapism” at its very best!


Artist: Futuremen
Track: Phobos

Press Quotes: An uncommon synthwav/post rock hybrid, “inspired by the attraction to the digital updates that we experience in our day to day, especially through the phone: bad news, social media content and application notifications that compete for our attention, resulting in a gloomy perception”, by the Mexican act Futuremen…. Welcome to the future dystopia!


Artist: Morus

Track: El Occidente

Press Quotes: “The West is the influence of the western paradigm on human conscience”. A kraut/synthwave sonic mind travel beyond infinity by the Chilean producer Morus….

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis