SynthCity is a column, that will feature 5 recent electronic gems, that belong to synthwave, retrowave, darksynth, dreamwave or even vaporwave genres. Get prepared for a space-time journey, and for better results, unbury your rusty AMIGA-500 or AKAI from the cellar…. Press play on tape!

Artist: Trent Walton

Track: DroidScout

Press Quotes: ‘DroidScout’ is taken from Trent Walton’s upcoming album, and it’s bringing a bit of glitchy, brooding intensity to the synthwave scene. Stellar!


Artist: Fuse1

Track: psych fight

Press Quotes: American citizen David Treat is behind Fuse1 project, and ‘psych fight’ is an intense synthwave gem, with dark aesthetics, and could very well be the imaginary soundtrack for the “space” version of the cult video game “Carmageddon”!


Artist: Mu6ix

Track: Broken Sleep

Press Quotes: Liverpool-born multi genre composer Mu6ix’s ‘Broken Sleep’ is an alluring blend of synthwave with chillwave and ambient electronic soundscapes!


Artist: 15th Bend

Track: Retronica

Press Quotes: An uncommon fusion of genres, synthwave with some guitar licks and solos by Canadian outfit 15th Bend will leave you begging for more….


Artist: Dootix

Track: Contingent Singularity

Press Quotes: A dasksynth gem from darskynth music producer from Wroclaw, Poland, Dootix part of his recently released 4-track EP ‘Perfected Empress’… Future dystopia at its very best!

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis