SynthCity is a column, that will feature 5 recent electronic gems, that belong to synthwave, retrowave, darksynth, dreamwave or even vaporwave genres. Get prepared for a space-time journey, and for better results, unbury your rusty AMIGA-500 or AKAI from the cellar…. Press play on tape!

Artist: Ziemborg

Track: Sunset roam

Press Quotes: A dreamy and nostalgic, like a sunset roam, synthwave song…


Artist: Let’s Talk

Track: Downfall

Press Quotes: 80s nostalgic vibes, under glossy neon lights…


Artist: Laps

Track: Starcourt Memories

Press Quotes: Starcourt Memories is a personal, cinematic tribute to those 80s teenage years, experienced through the nostalgia of a VHS or polaroid. Synths and drum machine wrap an emotional guitar solo by Tom Bailey in a numbing embrace, driving the listener through an era of wild excesses and pure feelings, clashing extremes and heart breaking harmonies.


Artist: Anatomically Correct Robot

Track: Positron

Press Quotes: A subatomic particle with the same mass as an electron and a numerically equal but positive charge.


Artist: Amber Moon

Track: Over Time

Press Quotes: Trying to capture that midnight cruise through the rain covered, neon lit city streets. Even though we can’t actually go outside at the minute, we’re hoping this helps you escape to that place anyway!

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis