DOTS. Downtempo Connexions, at Black Box Methodia, on May 12th featuring AES Dana & Solar Fields as headliners. is an unmissable event. Sygnals will be the opening act. Let’s explore this awesome project! Make sure you read through all this interview, you’ll get some vital information (won’t spoil the surprise…) 

Let’s begin with “exploring” Sygnals for our readers. A brief bio of the project?

Sygnals started as a collaboration between Alexandros (R.I.P), Aristides and Phoebus. Each one of us started producing music in the early 2000. From Rebirth, Reason, Music2000 (Playstation), Fruity Loops, Ms-2000, Sh-101, Electribe EA-1, Virus Indigo, to Cubase, Logic, Ableton, Nord G2, Virus Ti we are constantly experimenting with music, experiencing every musical aspect. We were all DJs and still are! Everyone had his taste and perception and after being friends for many years we decided to join forces, with the vision of creating something fresh and unique. Somewhere in the middle of 2007, in the process of tuning our different acoustic influences while trying to combine music knowledge, creativity & fantasy, the Sygnals project emerged. Despite the great difficulties of this process, we really loved the result and decided to focus on exploring our collective potentials. The most common point of convergence was the love of chill-out music. Using this as a starting point the journey of inner and outer exploration begun, throughout a fusion of pulsating atmospheric psychedelic soundscapes..!

Your latest release is the ear-melting 3-track EP ‘Climax‘ on Mindspring Music. Would you like to tell us about this release? Is there a concept behind this one? Environment & nature are present on this one. Correct?

The environmental way of thinking is deeply rooted in our lives. As you may not know, Phoebus studied forestry and Aristides is just finishing his Master degree in Environmental & Energy Investments. ‘Climax‘ is an environmental term for describing a state, actually the most evolved state that a forest can achieve. Depending each time from the local conditions, climate, regions and numerous other parameters. So, yes the whole concept in this EP is about the magic of Nature, with fragments of optimism that Humanity will one day come again closer to the Big Mother. We clearly focused on more psybient tunes than our previous album.

Which would you consider as Sygnals’ most significant influences, both music & non-music wise?

Universe, Nature, Life, people, emotions, thoughts… Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Ozric Tentacles, Sphongle, Tipper, Essential Trip, FreeQ Sense, Bluetech, Pete Namlook, Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Venetian Snares, Flanger, Burnt Friedman, Mike Patton, Bob Marley, Krusseldorf, Cell, Son Kite, S-Range, Element, Noma, Ministry Of Sound, Parasense, Derango, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Stereo Nova, Porcupine Tree, Metallica, Tool, System Of A Down, Moby,  just to name a few !

How difficult was (is) it to continue the project after Alexandros Avgerinos’ death back in 2014? Why didn’t you choose to keep on under a different alias?

Alex’s death was a tragic event, from the ones that shock you in many ways. We have never thought of quitting the project or continuing under a different alias.

Do you believe that the Internet and the easy access on music has helped the listeners discover more music, or do you believe that a lot of “good” music is even more difficult to discover?

Of course the Internet helped the listeners discover more and new music, the pool is gigantic and endless. But this may also be the reason that “good” music is getting more & more difficult to discover. As the music industry grows with high velocity, the phenomenon of “canned” music is getting even bigger. On the other hand amazing artists appear every day. The sad thing is that the balance usually weighs to the “canned” music.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you are one of the few psy-chill projects in Greece. Why did you choose to “serve” psy-chill genre, and which acts (local ones) should we take notice of?

So here is a link that proves you wrong [http://greekpsybient.blogspot.gr]. You should take notice of all these great Greek projects. We don’t actually “serve” psy-chill genre. We love all the expressions of music and many times it gets difficult even for us to describe our music with a term such as psy-chill.


Since you’ll be the opening act for the great May 12th downtempo/ambient event, would you like to tell us what should we expect from your live set?

Yes indeed we are opening the event. We will present you our latest works, some unreleased ones, our new EP and all in live versions!

Ending in a classic way, not avoiding you to ask about your future plans…

We are preparing an EP with different, more psytrance approach, with tracks ranging from 135 to 146 bpm. We are also the half way of making our ‘Synapses‘ EP, a collaboration project with our good friend Stefan Torto. And of course a new Sygnals album is on the schedule !

Anything else you’d like to add, and haven’t been asked?

For those who would like to explore a little bit more our musical worlds, you could check our solo projects, running simultaneously with Sygnals since our beginnings. Phoebus’ first solo project is called Dendrobates and focuses mainly on a psytrance sub-genre called “Forest”. Daoine Sidhe (pronounced like Deenee Shee) is Phoebus’ approach in deeper atmospheric/experimental/downtempo moods. Aristides’ solo project called Momentum is focused on psybient/downtempo tunes with an IDMish conception.

We are currently under our beloved, Greek-based Sonic Loom Music umbrella.

Christos Doukakis