SoundBound is a 4-piece straight up rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece which formed in 2016. Their line-up is Panos Katsiyannis (vocals, keyboards), Tasos Triantafyllou (guitar), Nikos Leventis (bass) and Billy “Box” Koutis (drums). Currently they are working on their own songs and on May 10th they perform at Eightball Live Stage in Thessaloniki.

Tell us a few more things about the band. How did SoundBound emerge?

We started all playing together around the end of 2016. But we already knew each other. Previous to SoundBound, Panos (voc) and Tasos (gtr) had been in bands together at least a couple of times. Billy (drm) had some free time between recording with his other band and we always talked about doing a project together. Nikos (bass) and Tasos quickly abandoned the idea of a blues/soul band they were trying to start, to a more direct approach. Then we all got together. It was good.

Which are your main musical influences? Do all members share the same taste in music?

We all love rock n’roll in it’s various forms,but tastes may vary with each one of us.

Everybody’s bringing something to the table. Our influences include AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Cactus, Gov’t Mule, Led Zeppelin , The Black Crowes, Thin Lizzy etc

You don’t have any releases yet, so I am guessing the band’s bio includes live shows. What do you play?

We play mostly our songs and a few loved covers on the really cold nights.

Are there plans for a release in the near future?

Yes,we are currently in the studio working on our first album. It will be ready some time later this year. We are planning a live presentation as soon as it’s ready.


Writing music where is your main focus, on composition, on lyrics or on both? What inspires you most on both of these?

Ideally those things go hand in hand. Sometimes we’ll start a song based on a guitar idea or a drum-beat, or start with a lyric melody.Each approach has a different vibe to it. It keeps things exciting. But we focus on the song. That is our goal and you can get there with many different ways.

Many new bands have emerged during the last years which are considered difficult. How do you cope with this situation as musicians?

Adversity always brings about sounds of protest, change and blowing off steam. Having a day job doesn’t hurt.

On May 10th you perform at Eightball Live Stage in Thessaloniki. What can the audience expect from you?

Eightball Live Stage is a familiar place for all of us! You can expect to have a really rocking night!

I know we can’t wait !

Are there plans for more live shows after that in other cities as well?

At the moment we are focused on finishing the album. After that, we’re very eager to play the songs live in as many venues, cities, festivals as possible.

Thank you very much for your time! Close this interview as you will.

Thank you and see you all at Eightball.

Mary Kalaitzidou