Sand Circles is the solo moniker of the Stockholm based musician and producer Martin Herterich. Herterich has released and performed under various guises over the last ten years, with Sand Circles being both his longest running and most recognized project. Despite this, and with the exception of compilation appearances, Sand Circles is yet to make an appearance on vinyl. With this reissue of ‘Motor City’, Sand Circles’ first major appearance on the medium is rightfully made with his most important work.

Motor City‘ could take place in most big cities; there are no geographical signifiers to the titles, nor does the sound signal one particular place. At best the arpeggiated motifs that circle Herterich’s hazy rhythms, as well as the cool dawn synths, casually point to Detroit from a distance. Rather, the tape-saturated, cinematic synth lines and the simple electronic percussion present the idea of a metropolis, with all the nauseating ecstasy and sweet desperation that such a place holds.