The Washington D.C. alternative rock/noise rock duo Royal Trux, formed in the late 80’s by Neil Hagerty (vocals, guitar) and Jennifer Herrema (vocals), in 1988 released their debut first self-titled album. Since then they’ve released ten albums until 2000. The duo is back with new material after almost two decades of absence and last year’s return with their live album ‘Platinum Tips + Ice Cream (Drag City, 2017). Recently, they shared two new songs: Every Day Swan‘ and ‘Get Used To This‘. Only that this year Royal Trux is singed in Fat Possum and both songs were recorded in Los Angeles the summer that just passed.

Nothing has changed within the Truxian universe we created for ourselves as teenagers; because Trux is and will always be our way of life whether living it together or separate,” Herrema says in a statement. “This is no hobby rock kick. We are long game lifers with no fear, no regrets and plenty of gratitude for the way the universe has rewarded our singular dynamic.”

Eleftheria Gesou