Today, LA rockers Redd Kross release the melodic sugar-rush that is ‘The Party Underground an undoubted highlight from the much-anticipated Beyond the Door out August 23rd on Merge Records and a track that features a guest solo from Melvins‘ front man and guitarist Buzz Osborne. The song is available now on all streaming services to add your favorite summer playlists!

Redd Kross’ Steven McDonald had the following to say about the track: “I wanted to hear three of my favorite guitarists and collaborators (Buzz Osborne, Jason Shapiro and Jeff McDonald) trade off solos whilst we celebrated the finer things deep in the bowels of the underground, expressing gratitude for a life lived in the cultural petri-dish of the world, the world of underground culture. I’ve been playing nightclubs since 1979 and I was 12, and it was time for me to talk up the wonders down here. The best stuff will always come up from the bottom. It’s the Party Underground.”