The latest offering from Welsh producer Quanta takes you on a path of glitched out beats and deep dub undertones.. more uptempo than releases from the past. Featuring a collaborative track from Whitebear (Aus) and Tribone (Isreal) beside two original tracks.. Portals is bound to get you movin and groovin.


‘Quanta’ is determined to share his passion for making music for the soul purpose of enjoyment and experience. quanta has been producing music for over 18 years, working with record labels such as Hustle Recordings, Whoop! Records, Dirtyblue Records and Cuba Recordings. He has also been playing bass, keyboards and guitar for as long as he can remember.This project has been influenced by sounds from, interchill, TwistedMusic, bluetech and ott. Since 2010 he has been working on his project ‘Akasha Experience’ alongside co-producer Babak Rezvani, in his studio in Cornwall (Southwest). The pair have released with ‘Freespirit Records’, ‘Dubmission Records’ and with ‘Audio Aashram” . Quanta has releases with ‘Enig’matik Records’, ‘Dubmission Records’ and ‘Addictech Records’. The ‘Quanta’ project is a new and exciting solo project bringing you music that combines various worldwide influences, with the results culminating in down-tempo, glitchy, psychedelic chilled-out dub. Enjoy!!